CR1 Cost & Fees

The CR-1 Spouse Visa paves the way for U.S. citizens to sponsor their foreign-born spouses for permanent residency in the United States. Designed to facilitate the unification of families, this visa category involves a series of mandatory expenses that contribute to the overall process.

The government filing fee for applying for a spouse visa from abroad is $1,200. This excludes the cost of the immigration medical exam, which varies depending on the provider.

Below is a breakdown of costs you can expect when applying for a marriage green card from outside the United States:

Government Fees

Variable Costs

Everyone pays for these. Varies based on your situation.
Form I-130 Filing Fee: $675 Travel Costs
State Department Processing: $325 Medical Exam (Usually around $200)
Financial Support Form (I-864): $125 Assistance (ie. RapidVisa or an attorney)
USCIS Immigrant Fee: $220
Total Government Fees: $1,200 Unlike the K1 visa, you won't need to adjust your status with a spouse visa, as the green card is included.

Unlike the K1 visa, you won't need to adjust status with a spouse visa, as the green card is included.

CR1/IR1 Visa Costs & Fees Breakdown

Form I-130 Filing Fee - $675

This is the fee required to start your petition. It goes along with Form I-130 in the initial filing of the CR1/IR1 visa petition.

State Department Processing - $325

This is the fee to process the DS-260 green card application.

Financial Support Form - $125

This fee covers the affidavit of support form, wherein your sponsor promises to financially support you.

Immigrant Fee - $220

The immigrant fee is paid via the USCIS Electronic Immigration System and is required for the green card.

Medical Exam - $100-$500

This cost varies based on the country for your interview. It is paid directly to a medical facility determined by the U.S. Consulate.

Travel Expenses - (Varies)

The cost for the foreign spouse to travel to the U.S. after the visa can vary from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Also if the beneficiary is not from the city where the consulate interview will take place, they will need to pay for travel costs to get there.

Assistance - (Varies)

Lawyers can average from around $1,800 to about $3,000 for a straightforward case. RapidVisa's assistance starts at $629 and has monthly payment plans starting at $159. Other agencies charge around $800-1,400.


Other costs you should consider are:

Postage - Getting files back and forth between you, your spouse, your agency/attorney, and the government at various steps. If your attorney or agency uses secure document transfer, it can save time and money.

Cost of Acquiring Certain Evidence - Hunting down bank statements or birth certificates can add to the tally.

Passport - If the foreign spouse doesn't already have a passport, he or she will need to acquire one.

Passport Photos - Passport photos are required for the visa. Make sure the beneficiary gets them in the right size and based on USCIS requirements.

Children - Consider extra USCIS & NVC fees, as well as immigrant fee and medical exams if the child CR2/IR2 applicant accompanies the CR1/IR1 applicant.

Translation Service - If you need certain documents translated, and don't have a friend to do it for you, this could add to your cost.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spousal Visa CR-1 Costs and Fees

Question: What are the current filing fees for the CR-1 Spouse Visa application with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)?

Answer: Currently, the filing fee for Form I-130, the Petition for Alien Relative,  is $535.

Question: Are there any additional fees associated with the CR-1 Spouse Visa application process apart from the USCIS filing fees?

Answer: Yes, there might be additional costs associated with the CR-1 Spouse Visa application. These can include expenses related to obtaining necessary documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, police clearances, and medical examinations. Costs related to travel and transportation for embassy visits and interviews should also be considered.

Question: How much is the NVC fee for CR-1?

Answer: The NVC processes your DS-260 and entails the payment of two essential fees, amounting to a total of $445. These fees include the State Department’s application processing fee of $325, and the financial support form fee of $120.

Question: How much is the CR-1 visa in the Philippines?

Answer: The average cost for a CR-1 visa in the Philippines is around $1500.

Question: Can the filing fees for the CR-1 Spouse Visa application be waived or reduced under certain circumstances?

Answer: In specific cases, individuals might be eligible for fee waivers based on their financial situation. USCIS provides information on the eligibility criteria for fee waivers and the process to request a waiver.

Question: Are there any government-sponsored financial assistance programs available to help cover the costs associated with the CR-1 Spouse Visa application?

Answer: The U.S. government does not offer financial assistance programs specifically tailored to cover the costs associated with the CR-1 Spouse Visa application. However, applicants can explore other avenues, such as non-profit organizations or local community resources, that might provide financial assistance or guidance with immigration-related expenses.

Question: How long is the CR-1 process?

Answer: The journey towards obtaining a spousal visa currently entails an average wait time of approximately 17 months, although this duration is subject to variation based on whether you are married to a U.S. citizen or a green card holder. The processing time for Form I-130 may also differ based on the specific service center handling your application. To know more about current wait times, check out the latest Visa Bulletin.

In the case of individuals not married to a U.S. citizen, patience may be necessary as the wait for an available visa could extend over a considerable period. To gain a clearer perspective on these waiting times, consulting the Visa Bulletin can provide invaluable insights and aid in establishing a better understanding of the expected duration.

Question: How can I ensure that I have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the costs and fees associated with the CR-1 Spouse Visa application process?

Answer: To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the costs and fees associated with the CR-1 Spouse Visa application process, it is advisable to regularly check the official USCIS website for any updates or changes to the fee structure. Additionally, consulting with an experienced immigration service provider can provide valuable insights and guidance on the current requirements and associated costs.