Should I Wait to Get NVC Number to Send My Affidavit of Support?

26 Jan 2018

Okay Rodney says: “I have a paid RapidVisa’s account. Customer service is great has answered all my questions, I was going to ask today regarding the AOS that’s adjustment status. Should I send it now or wait until I get the NVC number? ” Okay I’m gonna assume by AOS you mean affidavit of support and if I’m wrong maybe update your question and should I send it now or wait till we get the NVC number? well you definitely don’t send it until you’re notified by the NVC you don’t want to just volunteer to send it in that I don’t know what would happen with it but you would have to send it again. I don’t know if they’d send it back or or whatever but without your case number they wouldn’t know what to do it they’d likely just send it back to you.

So yeah you’re definitely gonna have to wait until you get notified to submit that adjustment status. Now you definitely do want to start gathering up those documents though and your evidence of your finances and this be in January is always a little bit of a tricky time, because if you’re a regular employee working with a w-2 you likely don’t have that yet which means you don’t have your 2017 tax return and that’s okay. If you need to get it sent in you can definitely send them without 17 since 17 is technically the 17 tax returns technically they’re not due till April.

Anyway, but you do want to give them most current information in half so, if possible when it is time to send that in do everything you can to give them your 17 tax return. It can also just avoid them asking it but that way you have current data. If you haven’t got it filed yet, but you do have your w-2s then send that but I definitely recommend this time of year wrapping up that tax return as quickly as you can so that you can include that one.

Just again to avoid them asking for it anyway even though technically you have to, I mean lot of people file extensions and don’t have it and if you can’t if there’s a compelling reason you can’t then it’s okay, obviously they can’t require it since it’s not even legally due to be filed yet, but put yourself in your best, put your best foot forward have it ready. Gather up that documentation if you’re self-employed it’s only tougher. So you don’t have to start gathering up yours with the things bank statements all those things that we can have you as you can call them. But short answer no do not send it in until it’s requested, but do go ahead and start gathering up or your financial data so you’ll be ready.

Just to add to that real quick just for the rest of the audience I’ll let you know the NVC is the National Visa Center and how the process works at least with the cr1 spousal visa is that the NVC national Visa Center will send you an invoice first they’ll ask you to pay some fees online. Once you pay those fees then you can download the instructions and the cover page and to answer your question about sending in your documents the affidavit of support civil documents you’ll have a cover sheet for each one of those and not long ago last year the NVC changed their process you used to be able to send the documents in separately, you can send your affidavit of support with a financial supporting document first, then you could send your civil documents meaning  – birth certificates, NBI, background checks, marriage certificate you’d send those in at a later stage.

Well now they’re all sent together in the same package and since you said you were a RapidVisa customer. I will assume that you purchased the premium review service, where we assemble and review everything for you. So if you did that, you basically want to send everything to us regardless and we wouldn’t send it off until it was ready, until we had the fees were paid to the NVC, the checklist, the cover page, the barcodes and everything. So that’s a little additional information for you and the rest of the audience.

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