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Assets are an optional section on Form I-864 Affidavit of Support when providing household income to meet the income requirement as shown by the current Federal Poverty Guidelines. If your current annual income is higher than the income requirement, there is no need to fill out this section. However, if your income is lower than required, but you have assets, you may be able to use them to qualify for the benefit you are applying for.

Only liquid assets (assets that can be converted into cash within one year and without considerable hardship or financial loss to the owner) may be included.

Qualified Assets

Real Estate

If you have equity in your house or own it outright and it’s in the US, you can use it if you have a deed and or loan payoff amount along with an appraisal. If you owe money on your house, the loan balance would be deducted from the appraisal amount to determine the asset’s value.


You can use your vehicle if you have at least two vehicles. You cannot use your primary vehicle. To use a vehicle, you’ll need the title (of at least two, although only one will be used) and KBB value.

Cash in the Bank

If you have cash in the bank, and the account is in the USA, you can use it as an asset.

Stocks/Bonds/Retirement Accounts
Stocks, IRAs or 401 k accounts, bonds and other investments that are in the USA can be used. You will need statements showing the value and ownership.

Life Insurance

If you have a life insurance policy with a cash surrender value, you may use it as an asset.

Musical Instruments/Jewelry/Miscellany

You will need receipts proving you purchased the asset, and an appraisal proving its value.

Value of Assets

To meet income requirement with assets, the total value of assets must equal at least five times (three times if it's U.S. citizen sponsoring spouse or child under 18) the difference between the total household income and the current Federal Poverty Guidelines for your household size.

For example, if you are applying for the,IR-5 Parent Visa, and the poverty line for your household size is $22,062 and your current income is $18,062, your current income is $4,000 short of meeting the income requirement. In order to use assets to meet the requirement, the total value of all assets you are using must equal or more than five times of the difference (5 x $4,000). You have to provide at least $20,000 assets to qualify.

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