Certificate of Naturalization

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Certificate of Naturalization is a document that a person obtained after naturalization application process and became a U.S. citizen.

Contents of Certificate of Naturalization

A naturalized person has to met certain requirement from USCIS. So the certificate of naturalization contains those required information which  identify the person and confirming his or her U.S. citizenship through naturalization. The certificate of naturalization normally contains:

  • USCIS registration number (A number)
  • Full name
  • Marital status
  • Place of residence and place of naturalization
  • Country of former nationality before naturalization
  • Biographic information (sex, date of birth, height)
  • Photo of applicant
  • Date of issuance
  • Certificate number
  • Statement by the USCIS director indicating that the applicant complied with all the eligibility requirements for naturalization
  • DHS seal and director's signature
  • Applicant's signature

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