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An Appointment Letter comes from the U.S. Consulate General when a visa interview has been scheduled or is ready to be scheduled. Depending on the country and visa type, the appointment letter can be an email or a physical letter. Visa applicants must bring the appointment letter to their interview. If the letter is an email, you need to print all the content of the email and take it to the interview.

In the letter, detailed instructions for interview preparation will be listed including details about the medical exam, courier service, and which documents to bring to the interview. If the NVC schedules your interview appointment, the appointment date and time will also be listed in the email or letter. Visa applicants must read all instructions carefully as each individual might receive different pre-interview instructions based on their background and application categories.

Note that a medical exam appointment can only be scheduled after you receive your appointment letter.

Example of a K-1 visa appointment letter