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A Medical Examination is a required step of the immigration process and is all spouses seeking a green card based on marriage must undergo one. The medical examination is performed by a doctor authorized by USCIS.

The medical exam consists of:

  • A review of the applicants medical history, with particular attention paid to immunization records.
  • A physical examination
  • A psychological evaluation
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Various diseases and illnesses are tested for

The reason the medical exam is required is to check that the spouse does not have any medical conditions that would make them not admissible to the United States.
A person will need to bring ID, Form I-693, immunization records, their insurance card and payment to a healthcare provider that is authorized. The doctor will fill out I-693 with the patient. Part 1 will be filled out by the patient, only when the doctor instructs them to.
The physical tests include a chest x-ray to rule out Tuberculosis and blood tests for syphilis. Any absent immunizations can be addressed. USCIS has a Find A Doctor tool on the myUSCIS website. Rates charged will vary by physician - USCIS does not collect fees or regulate rates.

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