If you’re from the Philippines and you want to visit your fiancé in the United States on a tourist visa, what are the chances of your tourist visa being approved?

Obtaining a U.S. visa in this situation might be difficult. Issues that many applicants face are related to showing strong ties to the Philippines or their home countries. If you are young and single with no assets or property, and no dependents, or stable career in the Philippines, the U.S. authorities might believe that you won’t return to the Philippines, as your reasons for staying in the U.S. outnumber your reasons for returning to the Philippines. If you say you’re going to visit your fiancé, this can be perceived as attempting to circumvent the K1 visa process.

The tourist visa fee is $165 to apply. We can help you with that. Our fee to assist you with a US tourist visa is $149, so if you want to spend $264 to take a chance and find out, it doesn’t hurt a future fiancé visa application. That’s another common question. “If I get denied a tourist visa, is that going to hurt me later for a fiancé or spousal visa?” Absolutely not as long as you’re honest and you aren’t denied because of fraud. So if you want to spend the money and try it, you have nothing to lose except money and time spent attending the tourist visa interview in Manila.

To calculate your chances of approval, please see our tool: Tourist Visa Odds Calculator

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