Philippines to USA Tourist Visa Chances Of Approval

04 Jul 2018

So you are a Filipina with a fiance in the US and you want to visit him on a tourist visa. What are your chances for tourist visa approval?

Honestly, they’re not good, unfortunately. Issues that face most people in this situation are regards to strong ties. If you are a young, single Filipina with no assets or property, and no dependents, or stable career in the Philippines, you are not likely, in the eyes of the US State Department, to return to the Philippines, as your reasons for staying in the US outnumber your reasons for returning to the Philippines. If you go further to admit that you’re going to visit your fiance, that’s pretty much a nail in the coffin, as you will by default, be perceived to be attempting to circumvent the fiance visa process. If the tourist visa was intended for fiances, we wouldn’t have a fiance visa. This is the purpose of the fiance visa.

The persona of a Filipino(a) who gets approved for a B1/B2 tourist visa is: Someone who is married (to someone in the Philippines), is middle-aged, is a business owner or high-level employee with all kinds of ties to the community who knows nobody in the United States and wants to come take some pictures of the Grand Canyon or attend a conference related to their career, and go back to the Philippines. This is the type of case that gets approved. Young people, very difficult to get approved. Single people, very difficult to get approved. People who don’t own some kind of substantial business or real estate in the Philippines, difficult to get approved.

It’s $165 to apply. And we can help you with that. Our fee to assist with the US tourist visa is $149, so if you want to spend $264 to take a chance and find out, it doesn’t hurt your later case to do a fiance visa. That’s another common question. “If I get denied a tourist visa, is that going hurt me later for a fiance or spousal visa?” Absolutely not. As long as you’re honest and you don’t get denied for fraud. If you’re completely honest, you do a tourist visa, you get denied, we’ve had a lot of customers come to us after getting denied and they sail right through on a fiance visa. So if you want to spend the money and try it, you have nothing to lose except that money and your time of going to the interview in Manila.

We don’t mind assisting you the best we can with a case like this, however we just want to be up-front about your chances. To see how well your chances fare more specifically, please see our tool: Tourist Visa Odds Calculator

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