What is a CENOMAR?

It is a certification issued by the PSA stating that a person has not contracted any marriage. Also called a certificate of No Record of Marriage or Certificate of Singleness. A Certificate of No Marriage Record (CENOMAR) from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is simply what its name implies.

In legal definitions for interpersonal status a single person is someone who has never been married. A person who was previously married and was divorced or widowed is usually considered an "unmarried" person. If a marriage is annulled however or it is found to have been void ab initio (i.e. not valid in law to start with) and assuming the person was not married previously that individual is single rather than unmarried.

When requesting for a CENOMAR the interested party shall provide the following information to facilitate verification and issuance of certification.

CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)

  • Complete name of the person
  • Complete name of the father
  • Complete maiden name of the mother
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Complete name and address of the requesting party
  • Number of copies needed
  • Purpose of the certification
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