How Long Does the K-1 Fiancé Visa Process Take?

16 Sep 2014

K-1 Fiance Visa Wait TimeOne of the most common questions we get for the k1 visa is: “How long will the process take?” Unfortunately, there’s no cut and dry definite answer. We’re talking about the government here. However, after helping thousands of customers through the process, we have a pretty good idea of what you can generally expect. See: K1 Visa Timeline

Disclaimer: The times mentioned in this resource are not meant as legal advice and are only informational, based on our experience with thousands of customers.

Many lawyers quote one year for a K-1 fiancé visa timeline. They must not be very good at this.

While it’s possible in some cases, cases lasting this long are rare, and almost unheard of. If you do everything right, have no criminal record, and the alien fiance isn’t from a high fraud area, it shouldn’t take a year. In reality, lawyers probably quote a year to cover themselves. We do want you to know it is possible, but very rare – at least in our experience.

Start to Finish: Usually between 6 & 9 months

Step 1: Checkout on

Simply answer the questions prompted at, then checkout after completion.

Step 2: Petition Ready

Within 4 business hours, your petition, letters and checklist will be provided to you to sign.

Step 3: Receipt Notice

You will be notified that your petition has been received by the USCIS after about 1 to 2 weeks.

Step 4: Approval Notice

Over 99% of all visa petitions manually reviewed by our experts get approval (Generally after 3 to 5 months).

Step 5: NVC Letter

After 2 to 3 weeks, you should receive a letter from the National Visa Center, which assigns your petition a case number.

Step 6: Interview

After another 1 to 2 months, the alien fiancee will be given an appointment for a face-to-face interview at the US embassy in the country of emigration.

Step 7: Visa Granted

Usually this is available between 2 and 5 days after the interview, but in some cases could take up to a month.


K-1 Fiance Visa Timeline Infographic

K-1 Fiance Visa Timeline Video:

For tips on expediting your fiance visa, go here.

Disclaimer: The contents of this post were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. Immigration is constantly changing, and old information often becomes outdated, including procedures, timelines, prices, and more. Take note of the publish date. For archival purposes, these posts will remain published, even if new information renders them obsolete. Do not make important life decisions based on this content. No part of this post should be considered legal advice, as RapidVisa is not a law firm. This content is provided free of charge for informational purposes only. If anything herein conflicts with an official government website, the official government website shall prevail.

92 Thoughts on “How Long Does the K-1 Fiancé Visa Process Take?

  1. hello how can I apply a fiancee visa while im here in hongkong my fiancee is from USA.need more info pleasw.thank ou says:

    Just want to know more bout fiancee visa in USA.thanls

  2. im going to try to get a k 1 visa for my fiance, is this price 375.00 for every thing or is it higher price for everything to get all paper work done? im from USA he is from Africa is there more attorneys involved and more money needed? i never applied before for this visa so i need to know the total cost for every thing .thanks.

    • Mary, $375 is our fee, but there are government fees involved that you will pay directly to the government. You can see the price breakdown here: With us, there won’t be ‘more attorneys’ involved. We are significantly less than hiring an attorney and our approval rating is unmatched.

      We welcome you to call or chat today so we can answer any questions and put you at ease with the process.

  3. I recently became a U.S. Citizen on 11/04/14 and wanted to file a K1 Visa for my fiance.I went to visit her on 02/28/14 stayed there for a month and a half. She is from the Philippines and now is currently working abroad in Saudi as a nurse.It’s her second trip going work there in Saudi but has worked in two separate places there and her work contract ends on 5/10/15.

    • Daniel, we should be able to help you. Give us a call at 1 (800) 872-1458 and we’ll get more details on your case to let you know what the process is.

  4. your did my application over 4 months back but I have an outbreak in my country(EBOLA) is possible for tyhe USA goverment to cancelld my application without calling me for interview?

    • Sonia, give us a call or chat live to discuss the specifics of your situation. We may be able to help you, but if not, we will be able to show you who can.

  5. Hello, my name is Siruz and I have been living in the US for a year. I hold a green card. I would like to bring my fiance to the US and have her live here. Are there any differences between a US citizen and a green card holder in bringing a fiance to the US?
    Thank you

  6. I want to marry a guy that is here in USA illegally we have been together for a while but we do not want him to go back to Mexico. What do I have to do to help him become legal so we can get mamarried

    • @belinda unfortunately RapidVisa couldn’t help you with this situation. It is possible to get married and file for something like an I-601A Waiver in some cases, but you would want to talk to an attorney in that case.

  7. My name is Maksud and i come from Uzbekistan, my fiancee is from the Usa but a problem is that we have 16 years of difference between Us, i am 25 and my fiancee is 41 but we love each other without any doubt, please give me some info, God willing we can start it from your help! Looking forward to hearing from you!

    • Maksud, congratulations on your engagement! As long as you can convince the USCIS and Homeland Security that you have a bonafide relationship and meet the K1 visa requirements we can help you! 16 years difference is not a big deal, in fact many of our clients have a much greater difference in age. Go ahead and create your free account by clicking ‘get started now’ and it will pre-qualify you to let you know if we can help. You don’t need to pay anything to create an account and answer the questionnaire. You can live chat or call us 7 days a week too.

  8. I’m American and live in California, and my boyfriend is a citizen of Spain and currently lives there. He’s never lived in the US. I’m 9 weeks pregnant and our plan is for him to move here ASAP. Is there any way to expedite the fiance visa process given these circumstances? Thank you!

    • @Nicole: While there are a few options such as reaching out to your senator or congressman, it is highly unlikely that you would find a way around the timeline. Please call our office if you have any other questions about that process.

  9. I am from the USA. My fiancee is from Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. The local US consulate is in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. We have been corresponding since last April. Then last November I got a visa for China and spent a week with my fiancee and her family in Zhuhai. My fiancee and her mom now plan to come to the USA around April to visit my home and neighborhood here. Then we will all go back to Shangwei, Guangdong, China where my fiancee and I would get married. Then my fiancee and I plan to honeymoon in Thailand. Then we plan to come back to Zhuhai to pick up our mom and then go back to our home here in the USA.

    Are there any problems or suggestions that you see that we might expect with our plans?

    • @Mr McCarthy, If you are getting married in China, you would not qualify for the K1 fiance visa – You would likely qualify for the CR-1 spousal visa, however. Unfortunately, you can only apply for that visa once your marriage certificate is generated, and the approval process can take 6 to 8 months before she’d be able to come to the USA with you. In regard to her coming as your fiance before, it might be difficult for her to obtain a tourist visa to the US, especially if the government discovers you intend to marry. Please call our office for a free consultation.

    • Alexis, please call us for any information regarding specific cases. It could be determined that you need legal help, so please give us a call.

  10. Hi, I’m Stefanie and I live in Indonesia. My boyfriend is from OK. We plan to get married in the US. My boyfriend also lives and works in Indonesia. My question is, is it possible to make K1 Visa from Indonesia? Is it gonna be difficult to start in from Indonesia? or he should go back to USA??

  11. I am a US citizen born and raise and my fiancé is from Nigeria and we want to get married here in the United States. We met online but not in person, I wanted to know if I can still apply for a fiancé visa even though we have not met face to face. I had planned on going there but it would cause a financial strain on me, so he was going to come here is that possible.

    • LaTonya, not meeting in person would disqualify someone from a K-1 visa. For any other questions, give us a call: 1 (800) 872-1458

  12. If we haven’t met in person, but have video chatted daily and talked daily… Does that count? What are the requirements to apply for a k1 visa? Thanks!

  13. Fiance overstayed visa waiver for 7 months. Went back to australia, it has been 7 months since he returned but we both would love for him to come back here. Is a k1 going to be enough to get him back so we may get married already?

  14. Im a citizen with a felony..white colar paper crime…and my fiance has had three previous non felony related duii and recently was willingly deported back to mexico. He has lived in the US for ten years or more prior to being deported. Do we still qualify for the k1 visa?

    • Saritta, in your case you would probably consult with an immigration attorney. The felony of the US citizen is easier to overcome than the alien but not necessarily insurmountable. However, we recommend anyone with legal issues consult an attorney.

  15. How soon can a fiancé’ arrive in the US and get married ? Is it necessary to have the Fiancé Visa first .. and then once married can the , now spouse , stay in US ?

    • Ray, a fiance visa is good for 90 days after entering the US. They can get married any time therein. Day 1, day 89, doesn’t matter. After married, the fiance will be in legal status even when the 90 days is up, although if she leaves the US she’ll have to get a new visa to re-enter. Then she could adjust her status to become a legal permanent resident.

  16. i’m a us citizen with a uk boyfriend and trying to determine if the k1 is right for us. my question is: is he supposed to be/can he be in the states while the app is in process? and if so, is there a way for him to work?

  17. Hello! I have a question about the K1 processing. After you mail in the application..Does it take about 6 months only to get the approval or the overall process takes about these months? And does my foreign fiancee get all the notifications once we get approved, or do I also keep getting notifications? Thank you?

  18. My hubby and i get married in singapore while im in a visit visa..
    Where us embassy my hubby file for my visa? In singapore or do i need to go back to my country of origib? Thank you.

  19. Is there a problem If my fiancee and I get married in her country during the processing of the fiancee visa (period after I send my application and before she has her interview in the US embassy in her country)?

    -For example:
    -I’m already engaged
    -Will apply for fiancee visa on June
    -Will get married on July

    Thank You

    • If you’re already married, you’d be disqualified for the fiance visa. You would instead qualify for the spousal visa. If you’re already in the process of one, it would be a nightmare if you interrupted the process by getting married. Call our staff for case specific info.

  20. hello, can i ask ? i am from Cebu!! i will meet my Fiance this month and we planning to live there Country in USA, what are the things that we need to do? kindly help us


  21. I have a girl friend in the philippiens,we have met 2 times there in here place,we want to get married here in on ssi disability and receive 12,000 per year,i hear I just don’t make enough money to get married here.any advice?

  22. I went to India this past March (2015). Got introduced to someone while I was there, but it was a short 1 hour conversation at the time at my uncle’s home. We exchanged numbers and have been in touch since via Texts and lately via FaceTime. We intend to marry. Would I need to go back to India just to have photos taken of us (we weren’t remotely considering this when we first met, but now are serious).

    • Although photos are generally great evidence, you could use other means of proof. Please contact us for specifics.

  23. hi im jennifer guzman single 25 years old im filipino citizen my boyfreind is US citizen he would like to get me fiancee visa. we been together many times in thailand and in philippines we know about each other for 4 years. do weplanning to get marriage soon i get fiancee visa in USA

  24. my ex boyfriend soon to be my again boyfriend and I are legally separating our spouses to be together, I am american born , he is Italian looking to come here to be with me. We have to wait a year before a divorce for monetary reasons. Please let me know what do I have to do to get him here and for how long can he stay if we can’t get married right away, can he get a green card and stay without getting married right away? And how can I get health care for him…please…desperate!

    • If you aren’t legally able to marry we wouldn’t be able to help you. You could speak with an attorney for more info.

  25. If I got a fiancé visas for my girlfriend who currently lives in the Philippines. And she comes to the United States. Do we have too get married in the United States or is it possible to marry in her country before the 90 days is up. Then be legal as a US citizen just as if she were to marry me in America.

  26. My fiance hold green card and staying in America whiles am Ghana. .
    We want to get married in America and start making babies…
    How can you help me get to America so that we can get married. .
    Thank you

    • Green card holders aren’t eligible for a fiance visa. However, they are eligible for a spousal visa. That would mean you likely get married in Ghana, then you can apply for a CR1 spousal visa. However, green card holders applying for spousal visas takes much longer than citizens. Around 2 years or more. And given the amount of fraud from West Africa, denial rates are pretty high.

  27. I used to live in Colombia since i was a child and there i met my boyfriend , but now i just moved here (i’m citizen) and we want to get married. Can we apply por a k1 even if i havent pay taxes or lived here like an adult before? Can i visit him while he gets his visa? He already asked for a b1 visa before but it was denied.

  28. Hello,

    I applied for a K-1 Visa for my Filipino finace in 2009, and was denied due to my income at that time. I was a full-time nursing student then, and working only part-time. I am now done with school, and working full-time. What are the chances that I will get approved this time around? Are there different requirements when you are applying for a second time? I am planning to go and visit him again in a few weeks, and would like to know what documents, if any, I need to get from him while I am there. I would appreciate any help you can offer me. Thanks!

    • The best part about the income requirement is that it’s cut and dry. If you meet it, you meet it. If you don’t you have 0% chance of approval. Go here to find out the exact amount and match it up with paystubs and tax returns to be sure that you actually made enough:

      You should create your free account now if you haven’t yet, and try to fill it out to 100% complete before you go over. You can call our Philippines office and ask them for any tips as well.

  29. To whom it may concern:
    I am a born US citizen applying for a K-1 Visa for my fiancée in the Philippines. I think I make the poverty level but my brother does by far and he is willing co-sponsor or even joint sponsor as well for me. If that is the case is there any problems that might arise with the I-134 and the I-864…or will the U.S. Embassy except or decline co-sponsor or even joint sponsor on my behalf. Also we have never used the government for assistance. we are hard workers. we don’t take hand outs. just assure you my fiancée will not be a burden to our society.

  30. Hello,
    my name is Sajid Khan and am pakistan citizen but i lives in working in malaysia my girl friend is us citizen from Mobiel, Alabama, january 2015 he visit malaysia now she want apply K-1 visa so how to put file

  31. Hi, my name is Brian, I am a us citizen, don’t have criminal records. I my fiancé ( gay) lives in the Dominican republic, we been dating for one year and a half. I been traveling to visit every 3 months since we met. ( its too expensive traveling often). My question is , is it okay If I start filing now?

  32. Hi,

    My fiancé (a UK citizen) and I (a US citizen) currently live in South Korea, and are leaving here in about a month. First, we will travel to England for 10 days, and then we will travel to the US for a 3 week family vacation/family member’s wedding. We planned all of this BEFORE we knew we were getting engaged and before we knew wanted to apply for the K1 visa.

    So my question is this, can we begin to file while he is visiting the US, or does he have to be outside of the country when the filing process begins? He is coming on a 90 day tourist visa, and is staying for less than 90 days. Also, do I apply for it in the US, or does he apply for it in the UK?

    Thank you for your time and help.

  33. Hi me and my fiance plan to marry can she apply for a tourist visa then I apply for a fiance visa so she can visit while the fiance visa is in processing

  34. Hi, I have a pretty simple case. My fiance and I are in the 3-5 month waiting stage of the K-1 process. I’m from the US, and she’s from the U.K. Neither of us have been married before, neither of us have a criminal record, and neither of us have any children or family to bring with us….so my questions are this:

    Is it typical to have any hold-ups in this process when it’s this simple and straightforward?

    Also, can my U.K. Fiancee schedule her Medical Exam once we get the case number, but before she schedules the embassy interview? Or does she actually need to schedule the embassy interview in London BEFORE she schedules her medical appointment? There seems to be some confusion on different sites about this. We are ready to have this done! We submitted our application and received confirmation over three months ago.


  35. My girlfriend is from USA carlifoniya nd she is has American passport, I’m from India, she is from phillipence nd also big age gap but we love to each other so much, I want to know when I have to go for my interview in USA embassy in India can I choice phillipence country for my interview I want my interview with my girlfriend in phillipence not in India thank you..

  36. I have file for my fiancee is going up to two months amd some days now. I am in the state while his in Dubai over 2years plus now. My question is how long do you think it will take to finish this process ? and what do you think we will need again to support it. Mean while the last time we meet for he actually proposed to me and i accepted. Pls kindly elite me how long does it take and his he going to have his interview from dubai or he need to go back to Africa his country for the interview ?

  37. Hello my name is precious. I am from Africa but US citizen with passport now. I have been married before with 3kids but divorced now over 7years. My boyfrnd is from Africa but leave in dubai. And i am 5 years older than him but we really love each other so much and the kids loves him as well. He as even proposed to me and i accepted.

    Here is my question :

    Do you think it wont take much time for him to have his interview ? And i have file in K1 fiancee visa for him going ro 2months and some days now, also is he going to have his interview in dubai or he need to go back to Africa ?
    Thank you will be waiting for respond.

  38. Hello my name is Shirley I am a USA citizen but I was born in Bolivia due to economic problems I went to study in Bolivia medicine and I met my fiance 3 years ago. I just finished my career and I want to come back to the states with him. I am not sure which process choose since I am returning to the states too

  39. So I’m a U.S citizen and my husband is in Africa Tanzania and I can’t work According to my medical condition my doctor stopped me from working the only option is to get my husband in the u.s to help me so how do I start that process? And how long will it take?

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