As of 2020, the cost of an adjustment of status is a minimum of $1,160 in government fees alone. This includes the initial $1,130 filing fee cost of the I-485 application and the $30 biometrics fee, both of which are paid for with a single check or money order when filing the application. If a waiver is required for a disqualifying condition, the cost could increase by another $1,000.

The cost of an adjustment of status is not insignificant. Given all the benefits of securing lawful permanent resident status, however, and – for many – eventual US citizenship, the return on investment is beyond measure. Indeed, for many applicants, adjustment of status is the best investment they will ever make for themselves and their family.

Note that government fees are fixed, but other costs will vary depending on each applicant’s particular circumstances.

Basic Cost Overview

Government Fees as of 2020

Fee Description Amount
USCIS I-485 Filing Fee $1,130
Biometrics Fee $30
Total $1,160

An additional biometrics service fee of $30 is required for applicants ages 14 to 78.

If Form I-485 for a child age 13 or younger is filed in the same envelope with the Form I-485 of at least one parent, the fee for the child's Form I-485 is $1,130, under section 201(b)(2)(A)(i), 203(a)(2)(A), and 203(d) of the INA.

Special Circumstances

Fee Description Amount
Concurrent USCIS I-130 Filing Fee (If you entered the US via any non-immigrant visa other than a K1) $560
Concurrent RapidVisa I-130 Filing Fee (If you entered the US via any non-immigrant visa other than a K1) $100


Assistance Amount
If you use RapidVisa $499-$599
If you hire a typical attorney $2,000-$6,000
If you don't get assistance $0

Adjustment of Status Costs and Fees Breakdown

USCIS Filing Fee - $1,130

This fee covers the cost of the initial filing of the application. This payment accompanies the Form I-485 when applying for an adjustment of status.

Biometrics Fee - $30

This fee covers the cost of the applicants fingerprinting appointment at a USCIS-approved facility. The fee for biometrics and the fee for the I-485 filing are paid simultaneously with a single check or money order.

1-130 Petition for Alien Relative - $560

This fee only applies to those filing their I-485 applications and I-130 petitions at the same time (concurrently).

Miscellaneous Costs – Varies

  • Costs of Acquiring Needed Evidence: Tracking down court records, bank statements, tax forms and original birth certificates can all add to the overall costs.
  • Passport Photos: Two passport-style photos are required with the initial I-485 adjustment of status application.
  • Translations Services: If the applicant needs documents translated or requires the assistance of a translator at an interview, this could add to the cost.
  • Waivers: If the applicant is disqualified for adjustment due to medical, legal or any other situational factors, an I-485 Supplement A under 245(i) must be filed. This alone adds $1,000 to the adjustment costs and usually requires the assistance of an attorney.