They're telling me to mention our new tourist visa odds calculator. I will put a link up to that on our site, but what we've done is, we've taken all that we've learned in doing tourist visas and specifically when people are denied. and we try to come up with a calculator. We did come up with a calculator that will give you what we feel with our extensive experience, your odds might be for getting a tourist visa. So we get this question a lot. People want to get a tourist visa and they ask us, should they even bother trying because they hear denial's high from certain countries and so on. So we've developed this calculator using, not just the actually state department denial rates, but also our own experience and you can go on line and follow the link here in the video, and you can answer a few questions and we'll give you, what in our opinion, is your odds of being approved.

Now look there's no guarantees here. This is not something you should make huge decisions based on, however it will give you an idea. Do you have a 20% chance, do you have a 90% chance of being approved for that tourist visa? So it's worth what you pay for it, which is, it's free. But it will get kind of pointed and it is based on our knowledge and some real stats, so it's not a complete guess, but again use it for what it is, a chance for you to know, do you have any chance at all or a good chance.

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