Scheduling an Interview Appointment with the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines

25 Mar 2010

There are two ways to book an interview appointment: through the Embassy call center (Visa Information and Appointment Service) OR by visiting the online appointment website.

Scheduling an appointment through the Embassy call center

To schedule a visa appointment for IV or K petitions, please contact the Manila Visa Information and Appointment Service center hotlines at (632) 976-8500, (632) 976-8501 or (632) 976-8502.

The center is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Manila time), except on Philippine and U.S. holidays.

Callers in the U.S should call (703) 520-2235 on its Eastern Standard Time equivalent of operation hours.

You must have the case number, passport number, and passport expiry date for each applicant (principal applicant and derivative family members) ready when requesting for a visa appointment.

Scheduling an appointment online

You can also get information and book an appointment online at:

26 Thoughts on “Scheduling an Interview Appointment with the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines

  1. Dear Maam/Sir,

    I’m Joel P. Cuerquez. I would like to ask for schedule interview appointment in US embassy manila, philippines.

    I’m willing to wait for your reply and confirmation about my request.

    Very truly yours,

    Joel P. Cuerquez

  2. Hello. I wish to marry a lady from Manila . I already have a valid passport , birth certificate , required divorce decrees , and legal capacity to marry documents . However , it is my understanding that the legal capacity to marry documents must be re-issued from Manila Embassy . Can you please help me with information on what would be my next step with this ? How do we then make application for marriage license ? Thank you so much

  3. Im Manuel G. Santiago I would like to ask for schedule interview appointment in US embassy in manila, philippines. im willing to wait for your reply regarding for my request.
    Thankyou, Truly yours,
    Manuel G. Santiago

  4. im.married to an american citizen.we got married yr 2004.he havent forward our marriage contract and birth certificate of our son..can i forward these ? do i need to pay ?

  5. Good Afternoon Sir /Madame at the US embasssy,

    I am supposed to have my US visa interview on April 27,2017 at 8:30 am…I heard that it’s a Philippine holiday due to ASEAN Summit. what shall I do ? i have my airplane ticket already and i’m all set to fly to manila.

  6. Good day,I just want to ask about how to get a US Passport for my daughter? She’s a minor.
    Thank you,

    Maylene L. Gonzalo

  7. To whom it may concern,

    Good Day!

    I’m Emelie V.Monzello. I would like to ask for schedule interview appointment in US embassy Tanauan City Batangas,Philippines.
    My concern is regarding my late spouse who died here in Mercado Hospital,,Tanuauan City Batangas under my care.
    If you happen to have different phone number to call and specific department where we can contact to have an appointment to visit them personally for further concern,I will appreciate it very much if you can give me the right number and information,that would be a great help.

    I willwait for you reply.Thank You.

    Your help is most appreciated.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Emelie Vargas Monzello


  8. to whom it may concern;
    good afternoon,

    how can i get an schedule of appoinment of getting us tourist visa?and i need to knowall the requirements needed.i had a friend inviting me his the one who give me for my clothes, food, transportation & etc. only for 6mos.

    i’ll just wait for your reply.thank you so much and have a great day!!
    your’s truly,estrella radam manidlangan

  9. Hello! i would like to ask if i can schedule my k1 visa interview early than the current date available?
    For example current available time is july 9,2018 but i want to sched my interview in july 6,2018?

  10. Hi good day
    I just want to ask about my Documents i was working in Dubai for 2yrs and 3months do i need to have my police certificate for my K1 visa? Went back here on Feb.14,2018 until now. THANK YOU very much

  11. Hi i would like to ask if what visa class should i select when filling up my appoinment to interview in usembassy if my purpose of traveling to US is to visit my relatives?

  12. My son’s fiancee has an 8:10am appointment for a fiancée visa interview at the US Embassy In Manila, what time does she need to be there so she won’t be late?

  13. Hi

    We are trying to reschedule my wifes interview due to medical result exam was delayed. Problem appointment was not open,, when it will open for appointment??

  14. Hi good morning
    Im trying to re schedule my husband appointment interview but the problem is no available appointment til now.Were already finished our interview last april 1 but my husband didnt make it can you please help me to get a interview date appointment.Thank you.

  15. Hi there
    I hope you can help me with this. We went to to get thr medical examination but unfortunately the scheduled referral appointment is after the jnterview date. They said they dont have any earlier date before the interview date. I called US embassy hotline to reschedule, they said it is not currently open and there is no any date available. What should i do?

  16. My friend would like to schedule a visa interview for tourists next week. What is the earliest date available for interview?
    Would appreciate your prompt reply to this query.

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