Philippine Customers: How to get an NBI Clearance( National Bureau of Investigation)

12 Dec 2012

Philippine Customers:

There’s one mandated functions of the NBI is to act as national clearing house of criminal records and other information for use of all prosecuting and law enforcement entities in the Philippines of identification records of all persons without criminal convictions.

For a long time the NBI clearance used the paper and ink method in the clearance application. Overtime it shifted to the new clearance system known as the NBI Biometric Clearance System. It started on July 04 2011 and continuously expands its operation by opening numerous satellite clearance centers nationwide.

Presently, there are 63 opening clearance centers nationwide 16 of them are from regional and 22 from district offices 11 are from Local Government Units and the rest are located at Malls in Robinsons Ever Gotesco and at Duty Free Philippines.

The following guidelines must be observed by the applicants:

1. Applicants are advised to observe proper dress code: shorts sando and slippers are not allowed.

2. Applicant should bring two (2) valid identification Cards( Government issued ID’s preferred.)

3. Non-appearance applicant is not allowed.

4. Renewal of previously issued NBI is no longer allowed. However it can be attached to the application form as reference.


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