Is There Any Benefit To Visiting RapidVisa’s Office?

Melvin asks: “Is there any benefit to coming into your office rather than doing it online?”

Not really. You’re always welcome to come by one of our offices. We’re happy to greet you if you’re close. I wouldn’t make a special trip if it involves getting on a plane or driving all day though. We’re always happy to have you visit. We do have people come in on a daily basis. At some of our offices, a lot of people are coming in. You’re certainly welcome to, but is there a benefit to it? No, other than just putting a name to a face. For some people, that’s really important, others it’s not. Technically speaking, for us to get you through the process, no, absolutely not.

The vast majority of our customers do everything online and never visit our offices. In the old days, when an expensive local attorney was your only option, that was more common. However, we’ve streamlined everything to be done online and by phone. If it’s important for you personally to come put a face to the name or see us and see our office, then absolutely you’re welcome to come in.


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