Nino asks, "Can same-sex partners get a fiance visa? What is the process?" Yes, to answer your question, absolutely. It used to be state by state, and you had to say that you were gonna get married in a specific state. But when the Supreme Court made it legal everywhere in the United States that same-sex partners can get married, so male/male, female/female, yeah. It doesn't matter. It's the same form. It's the same process, same fees. Everything's the same.

Yeah, that's right. There is no difference. It's not harder to get approved. We've done ... I don't know how many, hundreds maybe it's 1,000 by now. I don't know, but we're doing them every day almost, it seems like. They go right through. We don't see people getting extra scrutiny. We don't see them getting picked on or anything like that. It does seem to go right through.

Now, there is scrutiny, of course, on the legitimacy of the marriage or relationship, just like there is with any of them. But it's certainly an easy process with the fiance visa. And even the spousal visa, but the spousal visa's tricky, only if same-sex marriage is allowed in the country of the alien. If not, then don't fool with that. Just do a fiance visa.

Yeah. With that, I'd say it's about 8%, 10% of what we see. I don't know the numbers nationwide, if that's across the board, but we do a lot of them. If we've helped over 40,000, that means we've done roughly 3,000, to keep the math easy. We've done a lot.

Yeah, if that's your situation, don't hesitate. Like I say, when the DOMA, this Defense of Marriage Act, was overturned by the Supreme Court, and this started up, we really were curious if there would be pushback or any roadblocks or hurdles put in place by the CIS, but we haven't seen that at all. In fact, it almost seems the opposite. It almost seems like they've embraced it and gone forward with it rather quickly, as far as getting things in place to make that happen, things like changing the forms and so on. Yep, no problem.

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