Can I Get a K1 Fiance Visa From Pakistan to USA?

23 Feb 2018

Okay Emily ask. I have a fiance in Pakistan well he’d be able to come here? we have been dating three years in July of this year.” That depends of course you have the proper evidence that you have a relationship for three years with your fiance, of course you will need to have proof of you meeting each other in person, and if you haven’t done that just yet that will be definitely for step number one. According to me, your fiancee take tons of pictures together keep all the proof of your flights, passport stamps of course are always great. Just any type of physical proof that you could show the USCIS is that you have been together with your fiance, you’ve know this person, you’ve been together physically and yeah definitely. If once you go ahead and submit all that and it’s good to go over the USCIS of course you’ll be able to get the visa to come to the States and once you’re go ahead and get married and start the residency process.

Just after Pakistan it’s one of the high-risk countries what I mean by that is that we see cases from there and they receive a lot of RFE letters request for evidence, so just like with countries in Africa you’ll want to provide quite a bit of information building the best case possible. Showing that you have a bona fide legitimate relationship because they really question that in those high-risk countries and there’s a lot of denials that come out of those countries for k1 fiance visas. We’ve actually found that the cr1 spousal visas have a much higher approval rate from high-risk countries than the fiance visa, so if that’s not something that you’ve considered you may want to take a look at that, but if you do pursue the k1 fiance visa it’s highly recommended that you’ve made multiple visits and that you’ve mapped out your plans for a wedding. Sent out wedding invitation,s you have third party affidavits, witnesses signing documents that you swear that there witnesses to your relationship. I mean you really have to go above and beyond with some of those high risk countries.

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