“I have a fiancé in Pakistan. Will he be able to come here? We have been dating three years in July of this year.” 

You will need to show proof of meeting each other in person at least once in the past 24 months. Make sure you take many pictures together and keep all the proof of your flights and passport stamps. Any type of physical proof that you could show USCIS is that you have been together with your fiancé. 

If you go ahead and submit all that information, he will be able to start the visa process to come to the States and once he’s here, you can get married and begin the green card process.

If you’re able, you should consider marrying and then applying for the CR-1 spousal visa, which has a much higher approval rate than the fiancé visa and gives your fiancé residency and work authorization as soon he lands in the United States.

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