It’s been a long 2 year wait but Rapid Visa ensured that our documents were correct and provided guidance on the additional supporting documents to submit. Our petition was approved May 2020 and my husband’s visa was granted January 2021.

~ Lenita A

Lenita and EmmanuelNigeria / United States of America

I used Rapidvisa to do our immigration package. They helped us immensely. Vilma and I were in a long distance relationship for 19 years before we were able to get married. In January of 2019 we stared getting the paperwork started. We researched different VISA companies and selected Rapidvisa. We chose the premium package. The process was easy. They guided us through all the paperwork and documents needed. They have 3 different people check each document package and if there was anything missing they contacted us, and sent them what was needed. They always answered questions promptly, I either called or emailed them. My wife now has her green card. We got married on 11/16/20. Great company.

~ Gerard Michaud

Gerard and VilmaPhilippines / United States of America

BAMBI was very helpful today answering some perplexing questions for me. The Rapid Visa staff is always quick to answer my call and they provide excellent service.

Thank you!

~ Daniel Ryncarz

Daniel and QinjingChina / United States of America

Fatima, Khai and Camelle have helped us with the greatest efficiency, information, and kindness to get my wife's Permanent Residency Card (Green Card), and Work authorization in the USA. Now they are helping us work on petitions for our children's Green Card.

RapidVisa has been great with their help and information.

~ Richard David Knauft

Richard and DianaMexico / United States of America

I got my wife’s fiancé visa through Rapidvisa last 2018 and that was so fast. And in the the same year I traveled to Philippines to get her. She arrived in U.S August 2018. We got married October in that year because we only got 90 days to get married for fiancé visa. Early 2019, we filed for greencard, that time we didn’t think about asking Rapidvisa about greencard it’s because we thought they only do visa we didn’t know they do greencard too and I’m not even checking online if they do. So, we just did it on our own and unfortunately they denied it because we missed to filed/ submit some forms, papers etc. That was very sad and we couldn’t think what to do because we didn’t know what forms or papers we missed to submit. They gave us a chance to filed an appeal and the second time it’s denied again. And that was very terrifying moment. The immigration send a letter that we have to re-file. So that time, me and wife talking about it that we need help from somebody, a lawyer maybe. And my wife said why we don’t ask Rapidvisa since they’re the one helped you to get my fiancé visa. So i called them right away and we found out they do greencard too! From that, it feels like there’s hope already. Rapidvisa told us what to do, and we followed everything they said and we provide everything they want us to provide such us important papers and everything. They always make sure everything is right. All the staffs are nice and friendly. We started filling mid September 2019 and we got my wife’s permanent resident card (greencard) August 2020. We are very happy that finally we got it! Me and my wife are very thankful and grateful to Rapidvisa. This company helped us from my wife’s fiancé visa to greencard. You’re all amazing! Keep helping couples like us and God bless! ?

~ Cecil Spence

Cecil and JuperPhilippines / United States of America

My husband and I trusted Rapid Visa with our spousal visa application. Rapid Visa was there with us from the very first day and every step along the way. We could not have done this without you! Even during Covid, Rapid Visa responded immediately to all of our questions and kept us from having unnecessary delays. We finally got our visa today!! Thank you so much!

~ Kelle and Mohamed

Kelle and MohamedTunisia / United States of America

We are very pleased with this service. We are in a Facebook group with people that are going through the same process as us, and one of the most common posts from people not using your service is that they got an RFE (prolonging their journey). I feel that having a consultant like RapidVisa is recommended. RapidVisa looked over our documents and ensured that we did everything correctly and they helped us get everything correct throughout our entire journey. The only thing that prolonged our journey was the whole COVID-19 thing which made it a bit longer. We proudly survived COVID-19 (smiles)… Thanks so much.

~ Cherie Glenn

Cherie and EphantusKenya / United States of America

We just want to thank everyone at RapidVisa for all their help in our spousal visa. everyone I spoke with over the time period of waiting was always understanding. We appreciate all RapidVisa did to assist us in bridging the gap between us and helping our family be under one roof and in the same country. We are so grateful for your expertise in filing our documents. We will recommend RapidVisa to everyone that need to be with their loved ones and family. Thanks again to all the employees at RapidVisa

~ Henry/Rita Gafatsi

Henry and RitaGhana / United States of America

Thanks you RapidVisa for making the K-1 Visa and permanent resident process much less stressful and confusing. We were able to obtain our K-1 Visa and permanent resident in a timely fashion. Thanks again RapidVisa.

~ David and Annet

David and AnnetKenya / United States of America

We are very satisfied with Rapid Visa service. Everything has been great, they have been very helpful. We did the process for the K1 Visa and we just started the process to remove conditions too.

~ Bryan and Valentina

Bryan and ValentinaColombia / United States of America
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