Joshua and Jennifer

06 Apr 2017

To be honest I was very hesitant when my fiancée suggested trusting a website rather than a lawyer to process our visa. An acquaintance of mine went through this same K1 visa process and used a lawyer and suggested we do the same. Since the lawyer’s fee was outrageous and the move across the country was already a hefty cost to us, I agreed to leave the fate of my visa in the hands of Rapid Visa. Not only were they 1/8 of the cost of the lawyer, but offered 24/7 service and guided us step by step through the entire process. They reviewed each document, provided us with a detailed checklist at every step, and answered every single question we had (and we had A LOT of questions!). All that to say, I have my Visa in hand, and am ready to make the move! Thank you Rapid Visa for all your help, for saving us thousands of dollars, and for being available during each and every one of my freak outs!

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