Darrel and Maridith

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comWe met each other on May the 21st 2010 on an online dating site,right away we knew we were meant to be for each other.We talked to each other every night online for hours. Finally on November the 9th 2011 I flew to the Philippines got to spent two weeks with Maridith. Just like we knew each other forever, but the two weeks was over way to fast. I did not want to let her go at the airport we just held each other and cried. As soon as I got back we started our Rapid Visa journey. Everyone at Rapid Visa are very nice and professional and they all went of their way to help us. Finally on December the 6th 2012 Maridith arrived in Minneapolis Minnesota. Only six short days later we were married and became Mr & Mrs Armstrong. One month later and now our life’s finally feel complete.

Thank you Rapid Visa for all of your help…

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