Charles and Lennygrace

27 May 2016

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comWhen my wife and I decided to marry… to spend our lives together I was admittedly a little scared of the thought of the visa proccess. My wife Lennygrace said we can do it on our own and save money, and sure we could have but I have never gone thru any proccess like this one before for something that meant so much to me… (being together with my wife) how could we go it alone?

That’s when I found rapidvisa i called talked to them months in advance before we were ready to file our application. And for such a nominal fee their answers to our questions and help with putting our papers in order the government likes (and trust me a happy government agent is an appreciative one) and simply knowing you have someone to go to if any doubts or confusion arise in your proccess, you know you have rapidvisa to ask and so does your wife/fiance.

As we completed our application process and Lennygrace used the office in Manila more and more with concerns she quickly became thankful we did go with rapidvisa. Now my wife and I have the rest of our lives to be together.

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