Fiancée or Spousal Visa from Syria to USA!

Syria Country Information

All visa services at U.S. Embassy Damascus are suspended until further notice. Review the U.S. Embassy Damascus website for more information.

U.S. Citizen Services in Syria

URGENT UPDATE 2018: Please be aware that this country is affected by President Trump's Executive Order 13780. This could change at anytime, however this is the most recent information we have. According to this order, which was upheld by court in January of 2018 states:

(e) Syria.

(i) Syria regularly fails to cooperate with the United States Government in identifying security risks, is the source of significant terrorist threats, and has been designated by the Department of State as a state sponsor of terrorism. Syria has significant inadequacies in identity-management protocols, fails to share public-safety and terrorism information, and fails to satisfy at least one key risk criterion.

(ii) The entry into the United States of nationals of Syria as immigrants and nonimmigrants is hereby suspended.

Should you apply using RapidVisa's services, please be aware we cannot control this ban and you may be denied.

Review questions 11 through 16 on the Syria FAQ page for additional helpful information regarding visa services in Syria.

Testimonials from Syria

MaryJane and I had experienced a few snafus along the way with communication with RapidVisa, but the bottom line is that overall they were extremely helpful in both aspects of our K1 Visa & AOS (Adjustment of Status) although it took a few extra next day air mailings, and extra expense, we $aved lots of money over traditional lawyers, and trying to figure things out ourselves.

Thank You RapidVisa for taking the time to make sure things got done and worked out correctly!

~ Tom and Mary Jane Godzicki

Tom and Mary JanePhilippines / United States of America