Fiancée or Spousal Visa from Rwanda to USA!

Rwanda Country Information

U.S. Embassy Kigali does not process immigrant visas and is unable to assist in any portion of the immigrant visa process. Immigrant visas for those residing in Rwanda are processed by U.S. Embassy Nairobi.

US Embassy Info in Rwanda

Please contact U.S. Embassy Nairobi for any questions regarding immigrant visas.

Email Address:

Telephone number: +254 020 363 6622 (Monday to Thursday, 1 pm to 4 pm local time)

Testimonials from Rwanda


I just wanna share something about our experience in RapidVisa. at first, I really don't know what is RapidVisa, I MEAN yah! its about working the visa or filing petition or what so ever but I was thinking how they WORK, how they can HELP us, un-fiancée till when they will GUIDE us or how FAST it is. my FIANCEE "DAVID" is the one who choose RAPIDVISA in filing the petition for K1 Visa. Since my fiancée is a TRUCK DRIVER and his always busy, he gave to me the RapidVisa account so I can ask things or talk to them for some updates. it was a very nice experience because they are all approachable and a very nice person specially sir albert, Sir Dan, Sir Dominic, Ma'am Ann, Ma'am Cora, Sir Johben, they talked to you like your their long time friend. In the whole process, I talked to them through chat. It is a very fast process (INDEED) though there are some delayed times but still its faster than other EVER! They will GUIDE you THROUGH ALL THE WAY. I asked them about things that I already knew just to make sure I read the right information on the net. I really enjoyed talking to them. lol After I got to Manila for the first time, I finally met them in person and one of my favorite consultant "SIR ALBERT", his NICE and SO PATAWA. He was the one who helped me arranged the files. I talked to him and asked his help for my ST. LUKE MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS AND CFO SEMINAR. At the second time I was there in Manila was last January 28-30, 2014 for my BIG DAY "USEM INTERVIEW". And OFCOURSE they helped me again with the files and all needed. I already had just a lil arrangement while talking and me being so nervous and PARANOID. I love listening to them entertaining chats and specially CALLS. And finally "GOT APPROVED" and it feels good when you do the oath taking cause you already know that THIS IS IT. Without RAPIDVISA is hard. It takes a long time before you finished everything. But with them its more faster than you think. The most thing I really appreciate about them is they always make you feel good when your nervous about the negative part or result of the interview. Like me they told me that they are sure I am approve. 🙂 It was nice of them. it does helped! I am so HAPPY right now knowing that anytime this month I can have our visa.

You cant believe what happen to me after I am done with the interview, I went straight going out the embassy and I walked with my son with his stroller crossing the high ways going to the hotel I stayed at best western hotel and I didn't noticed that I was just walking. I realized it after I got to the hotel. I am out of my mind as in ""ABSENT"! it is because of the HAPPINESS I felt inside. I cant even remember how we crossed the high way. LOL! But anyways, it is very important to have all the required files or paper before filing a petition for the advantages. NOW! I'm waiting for my VISA and cant wait to pick it up. 🙂




Just a share:

March, April, May, 2013 ----preparing files needed, requesting legal papers and passport
June 17, 2013----mail petition sent
June 21, 2013----NOA 1
July 21, 2013-----NOA2
(almost 2 months delayed process)
October 10, 2013----received NVC MNL case number
October 29, 2013----received packet instruction
November 8, 2013----received mail from US embassy of America (photocopied original approved I-129F
November 18, 2013----paid USEM interview fees
November 21, 2013----got the confirmation for interview schedule January 29, 2014 schedule)
November 22, 2013----St. Luke medical confirmation registration letter
January 6, 2014----fly to manila
January 7, 2014------CFO seminar DONE (accepted)
January 8, 2014----St. Luke medical examination done (5am-10am)
January 10, 2014----medical vaccination shots and results
January 28, 2014---back to manila
January 29, 2014----the BIG DAY US embassy interview done (takes from 6am to 9am)
January 30, 2014----HAPPINESS STARTS TODAY (waiting for visa)


~ David and Loradel

David and LoradelPhilippines / United States of America