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Information about getting married in Japan

United States Embassy, Tokyo Japan

Embassy Website:

Embassy Phone Number: Telephone: Please contact a customer service representative using one of these telephone numbers:

In Japan, call 03-3224-5000.
From United States, call 011-81-3-3224-5000

Embassy Email Address: [email protected]

URL for scheduling the interview online:

Can fiancé/spouse attend the interview: Yes

Where to pay the Embassy fee: Pay-easy ATM, online banking or payment via credit card

Local language documents need translated: English translations must be attached to all documents which are in a foreign language.

Medical Examination Fee: The fee for the medical examination reflects in the agreement between the panel physician and the Embassy, and it varies by required tests. The medical examination may include a chest X-ray and blood tests, which includes testing for venereal disease.

Embassy appointment scheduling method: Please visit in order to make an appointment

Medical appointment scheduling method: All applicants must undergo a medical exam by an Embassy or Consulate-approved Panel Physician. Information about the medical exam can be found here. You will receive instructions about how to schedule an appointment for your medical exam from National Visa Center (NVC) or the Embassy/Consulate. Do not try to make an appointment before receiving these instructions.

Number of photos required for the Embassy Interview: Two (2) identical color 5cm x 5cm photo

Number of photos required for Medical Examination: Four(4) passport-sized photographs (30mm x 40mm)

Reciprocity by Country (Documents by Country):

Embassy/Interview instructions for K visas: For complete steps on how to schedule a K Visa (Fiancée) Interview, please click here.

Embassy/Interview instructions for immigrant (CR-1/IR-1/IR-5) visas: Click here, for new steps to follow to apply for Immigrant Visas.

Medical examination instructions: Click here for the complete details.

Others: Fiancee Visa Checklist U.S. Embassy or Consulate Interview Instructions, Procedures for Immigrant Visas, FAQ's

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Testimonials from Japan

Aljon and I met over a year ago and even the thought of being able to be together was a dream. I took a chance and contacted Rapid Visa about the process and they were so helpful and supportive of our relationship. I was so afraid the process was going to be a nightmare but Rapid Visa's staff was so helpful with every part of the process and stood by me the whole time. We are both so very grateful to everyone at Rapid Visa and highly recommend them to anyone wanting to marry someone from another country. We are now starting the AOS process with Rapid Visa.

~ Lucky and Aljon

Lucky and AljonPhilippines / United States of America