Fiancée or Spousal Visa from Equatorial Guinea to USA!

Equatorial Guinea Country Information

The U.S. Embassy in Malabo does not process immigrant visas; also known as applications for permanent resident status, or green cards.

US Embassy Info in Equatorial Guinea

For general information regarding immigrant visas, or obtaining a green card to live and work as a permanent resident in the United States, please refer to the Department of Homeland Security, Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

For more information on applying for an immigrant visa from a residence in Equatorial Guinea, please review the U.S. Embassy Yaoundé website.

Case-specific inquiries may be directed to the Immigrant Visa Unit, Yaoundé, at (237) 220 1500 ext. 4576 or emailed to [email protected]

Testimonials from Equatorial Guinea

Thx for all the help my asawa now is with me in the USA. The support was always there, first I was afraid , because of to many scams in the web, but now I can't say how amazed I am, the workers there were always there for me at any time, we even went to the office in Manila, and there stay support even, at the end of the interview we receive help, thank you very much, we tried to go to the office after we leave the CFO but the traffic was very heavy and we have to ride to go back to Pangansinan, if I know that someone need help to bring his or her asawa I will recommend your service right away, thank you very much :):):):)

~ Carlos and Patricia

Carlos and PatriciaPhilippines / United States of America