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Peru Country Information

RapidVisa está aquí para ayudarle a traer su ser querido de Perú con la visa adecuado a los EE.UU., o obtener su ajuste de estatus (tarjeta verde). Somos mucho más accesibles que abogado, y puede tener su papeleo en 4 horas. Es gratis para empezar.

Casarse con un ciudadano de Estados Unidos en Perú

Embajada de Estados Unidos, Lima Perú

Embajada Sitio de Web:

Número Embajada Teléfono: (51-1) 618-2000

Embajada Correo Electronico:

URL para programar la entrevista en línea:

Puede prometido/ esposo asistir a la entrevista: Muy recomendable que el ciudadano de Estados Unidos (la novia / esposa) asisten a la entrevista.

Dónde pagar la cuota de la Embajada: Cajero a cargo de la Sección Consular.

Documentos en idiomas locales deben traducirse: Todos los documentos que no estén escritos en Inglés o en Español deberán ir acompañados de una traducción en Inglés. Las traducciones deben ser certificadas por un traductor competente y notariado. Traducciones presentados a la CNV se incluirán en el expediente del solicitante.

Pago de Examen Médico: S /. 300 soles (aproximadamente 110 USD) para adultos.

Embajada método de programación de citas: La solicitud en línea.

Método de Programar Cita Médica: Al llamar a los médicos aprobados asignados que aparece en su sitio web.

Número de fotos necesarias para la Entrevista Embajada: 2

Número de fotos requeridas para el examen médico: 3

Testimoniales de Perú

After a lot of research on the internet, I found Rapid Visa. Based on testimonies from past clients, I decided to give it a try and when I did, I honestly didn't know what to expect but I am so glad I did.

RV helped process my application, and they were with me every step of the way. It is a long and confusing process and one can easily get lost, frustrated while doing this, but that's where RV comes in. They are experts, they know the ins and out, and always aware of any changes to the process. They did all the thinking, I just supplied the information and required documents. And when it was time to send my application to the USCIS, they checked for errors before mailing it out, and they actually quickly found out I forgot to add a couple of document items of which they duly informed me about. And whenever I had any question, they were just a simple phone call away and you get to speak with a real person. I happened to be deployed at the time I started the application, and when I was unable to make a phone call, they always responded to my emails within 10 minutes. Thank you RV.

~ Topaz and Lorretta

Topaz and LorrettaNigeria / United States of America

My fiancé and I filed our K1 Visa the second or third week of January 2013 and then got the receipt January 28th and got our first Notice of Action January 30th. RapidVisa visa never left us hanging while we were waiting for our approval notice or Notice of Action 2. They have been very helpful and entertained us very well. They always have accurate answers to our questions. They never sugar coated anything. They would rather tell you they can't answer your question if it's beyond their knowledge than telling you something just to have an answer to your question. To make it short RapidVisa would never lie or give you wrong information.

Since we got or NOA1 I started bugging up RapidVisa about our application because I'm being too impatient already. Waiting for the approval is the hardest part of this process because it feels like forever but when I checked our case status in USCIS website the 13th day of May, Monday afternoon, I was surprised when I checked our status in their website (USCIS) It didn't take to long before we received our Notice of Approval from USCIS. It only took us 3 months and 2 weeks. And we didn't even expect that our case will be approved that day, that soon. I guess it's really true that good things come when you least expect it. Then the night of that day I talked to RapidVisa and asked them about the things we have to do next.

They answered all my questions even gave me a check list about the documents I will have to prepare for the interview. Had my medical exam done The 28th and the 29th of May then had my interview scheduled July 1st since there were no vacancies for June. I started working on my documents and tried to fill up the forms myself but there were things that kind of confused me so I asked RapidVisa if they could help me out on my DS forms. I asked them if they could fill it up for me and have it printed too ( yea I know that was too much, lol ) since I only have a laptop and I ain't got no printer at home and there's no way that I could save nor print it somewhere but I'm glad they said say.

When I got to their office they helped me filled up my forms answer some question I got confused and printed everything for me. I'm glad I visited them so they could also double check my documents and other stuffs I have prepared for the interview. Here's the timeline of our K1 process if you would like to know:

01/22/2013 - sent application
01/28/2013 - receipt from USCIS
01/30/2013 - noa1
05/13/2013 - noa2
05/28-29/2013 - medical exam
07/01/2013 - interview at USEM
07/10/2013 - received visa packet
07/12/2013 - CFO
07/17/2013 - left Manila, Philippines
07/17/2013 - arrived in Fort Wayne, IN

RapidVisa has been a big help to us and we will surely be using them again to assist us with our Adjustment of Status. God bless and more power!

~ William and Ayin

William and AyinPhilippines / United States of America

Back in Nov 2011 My Wife and I started a Journey and searched the internet for a quality company to help us with all the red tape forms and Confusion with in Immigration Services

After Careful Review we went with Rapid Visa and made a great choice in doing so, they have a office just across the street from the Embassy in Manila This came in real handy knowing we had support across the street before we enter are appointment, The entire time we had any questions or problems we had help with a smile the office staff was awesome knowledgeable in every aspect of the K-1 Visa Process Here it is 2013 my wife was approved with out any problems took us about 10 months from start to finish we are now in the Green Card Stage - Work Permit

Rapid Visa also helped us with this task We have been approved My Wife and I are so happy could not imagine trying it with out Rapid Visa . We have made Friends and are now part of a new family that continues to support and help us . I can personally say you will not be disappointed when you choose them Good Luck Time goes faster that you might think looking back

God Bless You Rapid Visa Staff

~ Michael and Mary Jane

Michael and Mary JanePhilippines / United States of America