Select petition type:
Which state does the sponsor live in?
Total number of aliens being sponsored (including children)?
Total number of people in sponsor’s household?

This number includes the sponsor and all individuals currently living with the sponsor, and does not include the alien.

If you have sponsored any alien(s) in the past, you must include them in this number, even if they no longer reside in your household.

Is the US sponsor currently on active duty with the US Military and sponsoring a spouse or child?
is the minimum income requirement in the following situation.
Petition Type: {PETITION_TYPE}
Number of Alien(s) Being Sponsored: {NUMERICAL_VALUE}
Military: {military|non-military}
Sponsor's State: {STATE}
Household Size Before Petitioning: {NUMERICAL_VALUE}

If you do not meet this minimum, or you are close to it, you may be able to use a portion of certain assets, or a joint sponsor. Assets and self-employed income are always scrutinized more heavily than earned income from a traditional W2 job.

Not all U.S. embassies allow joint sponsors for all petition types. Contact us at 1-800-872-1458 if you have questions. Even if you meet or exceed the income requirement, there is no guarantee you will not receive an RFE (Request for Evidence) or be asked for a joint sponsor by the government. To find out more about the income requirements,  go here

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