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Honduras Country Information

Nadie puede preparar su Petición de Visa de Prometido Visa más rápido ... Es simplemente imposible. Nadie le gana a nuestro proceso probado y Absolutamente Nadie le da mejores precios bajos! Comience ahora.

Informacion de la Embajada de Estados Unidos en Honduras

Estatus de Protección Temporal Extendido

Embajada de Estados Unidos, Tegucigalpa Honduras

Embajada Sitio de Web:

Embajada Numero de Telefono: (504) 2236-9320, 2238-5114

Embajada Correo Electrónico: [email protected]

URL para programar entrevista en linia: Crear una cuenta en línea en:

Puede prometido/esposo asistir a la entrevista: No

Dónde pagar la cuota de la Embajada: En cualquier oficina de Banco Atlántida

Documentos en diferentes idiomas tienen que traducirse: Toda la documentación necesaria que usted proporciona en un idioma distinto del Inglés debe ir acompañada de una traducción completa Inglés. La traducción debe ser completado por un individuo independiente. La parte que proporciona la traducción debe señalar que el / ella es competente para traducir.

Tasa de examen médico: Examen General: US $ 25 VDRL y VIH: US $ 15 Rayos X: US $ 10

Embajada método de programación de citas: Los solicitantes pueden obtener una cita a través de su centro de atención telefónica o en línea.

Método de programación de la cita médica: Al llamar a uno de los médicos que aparecen en la web.

Número de fotos necesarias para la Entrevista Embajada: 1

Número de fotos requeridas para el examen médico: 1

Testimonials from Honduras

Petitioning for a green card was the most daunting thing I've ever done in my life. But, we rolled the dice, sacrificed our first year of marriage, and invested in building a life together in America. Our dreams for the future all rested on the immigration process. I can't put into words how valuable it was to have someone like Rapidvisa there to hold my hand. I've managed my fair share of government paperwork and the legalese it entails, but I soon realized this was too heart wrenching to go it alone. After all, this was our dream, this green card was everything to us.

So you might see how much it means, when I say Rapidvisa was always there to help me when I needed it. And now that we've made it through, I tell you, I firmly believe immigration is an area where you will NEED help.

I appreciated that they were upfront about their fees,there are no surprises,which helped me maintain my sense of control in a situation like legal immigration where you are fairly powerless at times.

And it's just simple with Rapidvisa,you pay for their services and they will be there. They will translate the legalese!! They will make immigration as friendly and approachable as it should be.

Even years later, especially now that we face the Removal of Conditions, I still pop in and out with questions for them and still receive the same great service I did back when our journey began. So, even though they couldn't guarantee the result, they could guarantee we were doing everything right. They were our safety net, and we couldn't have made it through without them. 100% worth it.

~ Tia and Sebastian

Tia and SebastianGermany / United States of America

My journey began on December 5, 2011. I had a friend here in the USA who had met his fiancé in the Philippines and I watched him as he went through the process of doing the paperwork and finally bringing his fiancé over on a K-1 visa. It did not look hard at all, so I went over and found my true love and started the paperwork for a K-1 visa for my fiancé. Like I said, I started. I found the forms extensive and somewhat confusing and when I asked my friend for help in answering some of the questions, his responses left me wondering if this was the correct thing to do. I then searched the web for help in applying for a K-1 visa and I came across the Rapid Visa Site. I read the testimonials and looked over the prices, but what really sold me was the fact that Rapid Visa had an office in Manila that was more than willing to help my fiancé there with her questions. The months came and went, and every time that I had a concern I would write to the support staff and my fears were put to rest by a professional and courteous staff. I know they understand the pain that I suffered while being separated from my intended as we both waited out the long government process. Then the day came when the paperwork went to Manila and Rapid Visa really kicked in and helped my fiancé with putting the forms together and making sure that her package was complete.

My advice to anyone is to sign up for the service because you just cannot go wrong. Rapid Visa will look at the paperwork before you submit it to USCIS to make sure that your package is error free to minimize the chances of you getting the dreaded RFE. Just fill out the forms (they make it too easy) and submit your answers to Rapid Visa to review. In a few short months (it seems like an eternity while you are going through the process) you and your fiancé will be together, and all of the delays and frustration will be worth the effort.

Minerva and myself were married on October 20, 2012. We are extremely happy.

Good luck to all who are applying for their loved one to join them.

~ Dwight and Minerva

Dwight and MinervaPhilippines / United States of America

Rapid Visa has been such a major blessing in the life of myself and of my wife. The great people at Rapid Visa made the long and stressful process of getting my wife's visa approved so much easier. They were there what seemed liked 24/7 to answer our questions.

Once again I am so thankful for Rapid Visa and for helping me bring my sweet girl here to start our life of love and joy together. Rapid Visa is amazing!

~ Layne and Elizabeth

Layne and ElizabethDominican Republic / United States of America