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Honduras Country Information

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Informacion de la Embajada de Estados Unidos en Honduras

Estatus de Protección Temporal Extendido

Embajada de Estados Unidos, Tegucigalpa Honduras

Embajada Sitio de Web:

Embajada Numero de Telefono: (504) 2236-9320, 2238-5114

Embajada Correo Electrónico: [email protected]

URL para programar entrevista en linia: Crear una cuenta en línea en:

Puede prometido/esposo asistir a la entrevista: No

Dónde pagar la cuota de la Embajada: En cualquier oficina de Banco Atlántida

Documentos en diferentes idiomas tienen que traducirse: Toda la documentación necesaria que usted proporciona en un idioma distinto del Inglés debe ir acompañada de una traducción completa Inglés. La traducción debe ser completado por un individuo independiente. La parte que proporciona la traducción debe señalar que el / ella es competente para traducir.

Tasa de examen médico: Examen General: US $ 25 VDRL y VIH: US $ 15 Rayos X: US $ 10

Embajada método de programación de citas: Los solicitantes pueden obtener una cita a través de su centro de atención telefónica o en línea.

Método de programación de la cita médica: Al llamar a uno de los médicos que aparecen en la web.

Número de fotos necesarias para la Entrevista Embajada: 1

Número de fotos requeridas para el examen médico: 1

Testimonials from Honduras

RapidVisa did a wonderful job helping with all the paper work, and there is a very large amount of paperwork answered every question with ease Will use them again for the rest of the process. Thanks for everything and I will be in touch soon

~ Howard and Robelin

Howard and RobelinPhilippines / United States of America

We really love RapidVisa There are actually many reasons why we have fallen in love with this company. When my fiancé discovered and told me about it, it was the thing that really got our marriage plans moving forward in an organized way. This service put the whole process in very reasonable and digestible perspective from the very start. The rapid visa site is so very user friendly and the format is so step by step and easy to understand. Having access to constant up to date info which Rapid Visa provides, saved us countless hours of research we would have had to do on our own. Rapid Visa's knowledge was really what gave us both the confidence that we could actually succeed at doing this.

There have been many times during the process that I've had questions and concerns. Many many times I've either chatted online with a rapid visa representative or a few times I've called and spoken on the phone to them. My most frequent chats, I believe, were with Johben, and he's always been helpful and kind. I loved actually meeting Johben and several others this week after I attended my fiancé's embassy interview in Manila.

The fiancé applying for the visa is the one faced with the most pressure, more so than the fiancé who's the sponsoring K-1 petitioner, in my opinion. And this is perhaps where most of my gratitude came in this process because my companion very quickly was made to feel like he had friends at the local Manila Rapid Visa office who cared about his success with being united with me. That gave us both an amount of comfort that we really can't put a price on. When you're in love, it's a personal matter that you certainly don't want to have hindered or oppressed by daunting government rules or blockades. I feel that Rapid Visa calmed and comforted my companion like a true friend throughout this process. I love them just for that

On my first visit to RapidVisa, I was already feeling the support from them. The staff were very courteous to assist me with my case. They answered all the details I was curious about and they clarified the steps for me. When I was still in the process of paying the embassy fee, they had everything organized for me so that all I'd do when I get to the bank is present the documents. This is also the same for the medical exam and the CFO seminar.

The staff who handled most of my case was Dan. He was very friendly and non-discriminatory. He made the process of the application fun and cool. He was also really accommodating that he came with me down the building to point the direction of where I'll have my medical exam. Another staff named Juliet was very supportive too that she assisted me with my case even when I got to their office beyond the working hours. With those said, I'm sure that all the other staffs are as helpful and friendly as they are.

With RapidVisa's help, our plan of living together was accelerated. I'm not sure if we have the quickest case but it was prompt enough to not run our patience out. I am so glad we saw the ad on google and learned about this company and of course, chose it.

Jan 6, 2014 - petition mailed to USCIS
Jan 14, 2014 - USCIS Case Acceptance Confirmation
Feb 18, 2014 - Petition Approved
March 14 - NVC number
March 25-26 - Medical Exam
April 7 - US Embassy Interview
April 23 - Flight to Utah
June 10 - Wedding

~ Rick and Adrian

Rick and AdrianPhilippines / United States of America

The guys at K-1 Visa are the best. Taking the stress out of the visa process is what they do best. thank you so much we luv you guys.

~ Walter and Ana Perez

Walter and AnaDominican Republic / United States of America