Will I Need an Interview For My Adjustment of Status?

07 Dec 2017

Is there an interview for an adjustment of status after the biometrics at the USCIS or is that random?

Okay very good question. You didn’t say what visa you entered the United States on. So adjustment status, for those who don’t know, is a process whereby you’re in the United States legally on a non-immigrant visa and you wanna adjust your status from a non-immigrant to an immigrant. Since we’re mostly doing spousal visas for adjustments, I’m gonna assume it’s through marriage. Okay so the question was do you get an interview, the answer is almost always, except if you come on K-1 visa. So if you come here on a fiance visa, you’ve just had an interview at the embassy a month or two ago, depending on how long you wait to do the AOS. So you usually will not get an interview but, if you came here on any other visa, student visa, tourist visa, work visa, yes you absolutely will have an interview. So that’s the answer. K-1 visa almost certainly not, but you might and if you do don’t get alarmed it might just be random. We’ve never determined why or when they decide to but occasionally people do. I would put it in a less than five percent category. So if you do get a notice for interview don’t worry just go. If you didn’t come on a K-1, absolutely you’re gonna have an interview.

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