Will a Discrepancy On My Birth Certificate Be a Problem? (Fiance/Spousal Visa)

31 Jul 2018

“Do you think it’s a problem when my birth certificate has a conflict? My mother’s maiden name in my birth certificate shows my dad’s surname, but my dad is not on my birth certificate?”

On a fiance visa, your birth certificate is not required until the end of the process when you go to your medical exam and your interview at the U.S. Embassy. You do have some time to correct this birth certificate. You can go to your local civil office and you can have these documents corrected. So if you know there’s a mistake on your birth certificate, take those to your local civil office. Let them know what’s wrong with it. It is worth it to take care of this now because if you get to the interview and then the consular officer issues what is called an RFE, a request for evidence for a new birth certificate, that could take some time, and is going to delay your case. What we’re seeing right now is that they’re really scrutinizing petitions. We’re seeing more RFEs now than ever. In many countries, including the Philippines, it could take months to get documents back and get them corrected. So it’s a good idea to start the process right now, in the event you did receive an RFE, and then you’d be prepared for it.

Birth certificate mistakes are extremely common in the Philippines. We’ve seen everything. We’ve seen the gender wrong, the birth date wrong, and most common is part of the name wrong. Another benefit to getting this fixed now is for later when you come to the United States and eventually get a driver’s license, social security number, and other civil filings – all those things that are going to require your birth certificate, and you just want it to be right. This is preferred to spending the next couple of years explaining to every body why it’s not right, and it’s a whole lot easier to get that corrected while you’re still in the Philippines than wait until you’re back in the United States and you’re trying to get a driver’s license and they won’t do it because you’re birth certificate’s wrong.

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