When Will My Green Card Arrive After Adjustment of Status?

10 Oct 2019

I had my interview for adjustment of status from a K1 on 20th of August. The interview went smoothly. Within 20 minutes, the officer said we were good, but she will have to review and mail our card if everything’s okay. It’s been almost 21 days, and my case is still under review. Should I be worried?

Short answer is no. Everything’s backed up right now. I know that’s starting to sound like a broken record, but with all the caseloads that the USCIS has, and all the RFEs that they’ve submitted, they’re really backed up. So 21 days, although that does seem like a long time, because usually, you know, they’ll issue the visa after it’s been approved, or not the visa but the Green Card. Check the status online. Also if it’s gone beyond 30 days, I’d probably call the USCIS, just to make sure that it hasn’t been mailed to the incorrect address. Also make sure that all your information is up to date. If your address changes, phone numbers, email address, anything changes, make sure that’s updated as soon as possible. But 21 days is nothing to get concerned about. I mean, we’ve actually heard it going even into three or four months. I hope that doesn’t take that long with your case. But the main thing to remember is stay on top of it. Don’t let this time go by forever and just expect that something’s gonna show up. Sometimes it doesn’t, always.

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