What If There Are No Interview Dates Before My Application Deadline?

18 Oct 2019

What happens if my fiance didn’t get an interview date before his application deadline for visa? Every time my fiance checks, it’s saying no available dates. He just got a date, but it’s after the deadline. Should we be worried, or is that normal?

We always advise customers to call the embassy, because, it’s only the embassy who can actually help you with that. It is really important that you call the embassy and ask them what to do.

As long as you’re being proactive and your case is still active, you’re still pursuing the visa, in most cases, they will automatically extend that eligibility, or that validity date on a case, and the consular officer has that discretion, as long as you’re still following through, keeping in contact, which you want to do, call the embassy as Pam stated, make sure that you’re working this, and that you’re not just letting time pass by, because if time passes by, they will eventually send your case back to the USCIS, and the USCIS will state that the validity period has expired, and, with no visa issued, therefore this case is closed.

So, stay active and contact the USCIS. Officers at the embassy have access to a calendar, or schedule, that most cannot see online. So, I would try and work with somebody internally if you can, ’cause we’ve heard, like Pam said, quite a few times where the dates just aren’t available. Some of these embassies are small, they don’t process as many visas as some other countries, and they just don’t have the room and space that other embassies do. But keep working on it, ’cause usually it’s first come, first serve, and they should be able to get you in there and get a date and time scheduled.

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