What if I Haven’t Known My Fiancé For 2+ Years?

Carlyn says, “What if I haven’t known my fiance for two years?” Let’s say you just met a year ago or less than a year ago. You just hit it off, basically. You don’t have to know each other for two years. The requirement is that you have met within the two years that you go ahead and apply. Let’s say you met, like I said, a year ago, and you decided to start the process, but you already have met in person. Then definitely, go ahead and apply. You don’t actually have to have known each other for two years or more. You obviously need to be a US citizen also. You need to basically marry each other within the 90 day period that your fiance lands in the country and also, basically, like I said, show any type of proof that you have already seen each other. That is basically one of the best ways to go. Again, you don’t have to have actually known each other for two years, just have met in person within the two-year period that you’re looking to apply for the Visa.

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