What If I File My CR1 Spousal Visa Too Soon After the Wedding?

25 Oct 2017

My boyfriend and I are thinking about how to get my visa, between the K1 and the CR1, finding a site and planning to get married in Mexico, apply for the CR1. My concern is that it would be a problem to get approved, that we start the paperwork right after we’re married.

Okay. So the question, I’ll boil it down here, and it’s a very, very common question. We get this one every single day I think, I’m sure. Do I do a K1 or a CR1? That’s the basic question, and her concern is … her him? Is that a male or female name? Pardon my ignorance but it’s irrelevant to the question. Oh, it’s a female because she says my boyfriend.

Okay. So her concern is, “Hey. Does it look fishy or whatever if we get married today and tomorrow we’re already filing for the visa?” And the answer is no, absolutely not. In fact, that is almost always the case, at least in our business.

It’s very rare that we do visas for somebody who’d been married years. It’s pretty much always the ink just dried on the marriage certificate and now we’re filing our visas so that’s really the norm. It’s actually the exception when people have been married for a while.

So I wouldn’t worry about that at all. What’s more important is what evidence do you have to show this is a legitimate relationship. That’s gonna be the important piece. The fact that you were married on the 12th and filed your petition on the 13th is gonna be irrelevant.

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