What Are The Most Common Reasons For Denial? (Fiancé/Spouse Visas)

07 Dec 2018

What are the most common reasons for denials?

The number one reason we’re seeing right now is for finances. That’s the affidavit of support. We used to see quite a few RFEs, but now we’re actually seeing denials come in, because they do not meet the income requirements. For a fiance visa, you have to meet 100% of the HHS Poverty Guideline, and for a spousal visa or adjustment of status, it’s 125%, and you can check Form I-684p here. They update that usually once every year or two. You can use our income requirements calculator to make sure your income is sufficient.

The second major reason that we’ve seen is a lack of proof or evidence for a bona fide, legitimate relationship or a bona fide marriage. In those cases, it’s important to provide as much evidence as you can showing that you’ve met in person, you’ve been together for a while, you’ve been communicating, and you’ve began to co-mingle your lives. For spousal visas and an adjustment of status, that would be showing that you’re commingling finances.

The third most common denial reason is either lying on an application, or not providing the required supporting evidence. These 3 reasons probably cover about 60% of the denials that we see at RapidVisa lately.

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