world-map-rawCountry Information

An interactive map with details and resources specific to the country you are emigrating from. With over 185 countries included, there's a lot of great immigration information here.

Financial Requirements

Immigration ResourcesUse our handy Visa Income Requirement Calculator to determine the income requirements to sponsor your relative for an immigrant visa.

Go here to get official copies of your tax returns from the IRS for free by phone or mail.


Documents by Country

How to get Birth Certificates, Adoption Certificates, Death Certificates, Divorce Certificates and Police Clearances from foreign countries.

Interview Preparation - Embassy Guidelines by Country

Get detailed information about the interview requirements for each country.

Interview Preparation - Embassy Guidelines by Country

Similar to the above link but may contain additional information.

medical-examMedical Exam

Medical Exam Information

Medical exam information and requirements by country if you are outside the United States. Only works in Internet Explorer.

Civil Surgeons Locator

Go here to locate a Civil Surgeon to schedule your medical exam if you are in the United States.

Medical Exam FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the medical exam.

The medical exam cost varies by facility and country. Go here for specific current medical exam prices.

National Visa Center

Check Visa Status Online

This is for NVC case numbers only, not for USCIS case numbers.

National Visa Center Case Information: 603-334-0700

If necessary you can get a live person Monday - Friday from 7:30am to 12:00am Eastern Time.

Fax: 603-334-0791.

Email messages must include your case number in the subject line. Alien's full name and date of birth and U.S. Citizen's full name and date of birth must be the first thing listed in the body of the message.

Written questions about a case should be sent to:
National Visa Center
Attn: WC
31 Rochester Ave. Suite 200
Portsmouth, NH 03801-2915

Forms, documents, and photographs should be sent to:
National Visa Center
Attn: DR
31 Rochester Ave. Suite 100
Portsmouth, NH 03801-2914

Establish Communication with the NVC

Go here to see if your embassy in involved in the paperless process.

Ask NVC, Online Form

Go here to send your question to the National Visa Center

National Visa Center Online Payments

Go here to make payments only when instructed by the National Visa Center.


Biometrics Office Locator

Find the nearest USCIS Application Support Center.

Change Your Address with the USCIS

Go here to change your address online.

Check Your Case Status Online

Check your USCIS case status online using your receipt number.


Is the USCIS taking too long to approve your case or too long to send you a document or benefit card? Did they spell your name wrong on an important document? Go there to file an inquiry.

I-94 Admission Number Retrieval

Use this USCIS utility to retrieve your I-94 number.

National Customer Service Center: 800-375-5283, 8AM to 6PM Local Time
TTD for National Customer Service Center: 800-767-1883
Military only number for the National Service Center: 877-247-4645

Vermont Service Center:
75 Lower Welden Street
St. Albans, VT 05479

California Service Center:
24000 Avila Road
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

USCIS Email Addresses:
California Service Center:
Vermont Service Center:
Nebraska Service Center:
Texas Service Center:
If you are in Canada write to:
USCIS Headquarters Office for Service Centers:

nvcU.S. Department of State

Consular Electronic Application Center

For online Immigrant Visa invoice payments and the electronic Form DS-160

Consular Report of Birth Abroad

A child born abroad to a U.S. citizen is normally entitled to immediate U.S. citizenship. Go here to see what you need to do.

United States Embassies, Consulates & Diplomatic Missions

Do I need a visa to visit my fiancee/spouses country?

Write Your Representative

It can sometimes help to write your congressman or senator if you're having a problem with your petition. You'll probably get a better response from your congressman since they cover less area, but it doesn't hurt to also write both the senators for your state.

Find My Congressman

Find My Senator