Could a Traffic Ticket Get My Removal of Conditions Denied?

08 May 2018

“What are the chances of getting a removal of conditions denied, and do traffic violations impact that?”

Traffic violations, unless you’re talking about a DUI or something more serious. With the removal of conditions, they want to determine if the relationship was real. It’s the governments chance, two years later, to take another look at your relationship. Acquiring your green card through marriage is the only time you do removal of conditions. They set this up so that two years later they get another chance to look at the relationship and make sure it wasn’t just a sham designed to get you a green card. (See Green Card Scams). They are looking for evidence of a co-mingled life. Do you have joint bank accounts? Are you on the health insurance? Is your name on joint paperwork like a lease or life insurance? Have you had children together? These are some of the things they’re going to be taking a look at.

They’re looking to see that this was, in fact, a legitimate relationship. And it’s not to say it can’t be done if you don’t live together and if the marriage has failed in those two years. It is still possible to remove conditions in that case, although you will have a harder time. But if you’re together and you’ve got a co-mingled life, you’re usually going to go right through. Minor traffic violations like a speeding ticket have not been a widespread problem from our customers. We’ve never got feedback that somebody said they did have a problem with this. A traffic ticket doesn’t have any bearing on whether or not your immigration through marriage was legit or not.

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