Top 3 RFEs for the K1 Fiancé Visa in 2019

19 Jul 2018

There are different departments involved with the processing of a non-immigrant K-1 fiance visa. There are different types of requests for evidence (RFE) generally issued by department.

Top 3 RFEs at the USCIS

  1. Proof that intent to marry was genuine.
  2. Proof of meeting in person within two years of filing their petition.
  3. Proof that all prior marriages were terminated.

Top 3 RFEs at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate

  1. Proof of bona fide relationship.
  2. Proof that sponsor meets the minimum income requirement according to the HHS Poverty Guidelines or provide a joint sponsor if acceptable. (Note: Joint sponsors aren’t available for all countries for K1 visas, including the Philippines)
  3. Supporting documents:
    • Police certificates from foreign countries.
    • Police certificate including all prior names used.
    • Divorce decrees or annulment paperwork including translations if applicable.

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