There Was a Terrorist From My Country – Will I Have a Hard Time Getting a Visa

Hey, my files is at the UCIS for the last four months. A spousal visa. My wife applied for me. I’m in Bangladesh. A few days ago something bad happened at old New York by a Bangladeshi. Will it create any problems for my file? The short answer is, no. These things happen. If you are talking about the guy who ran over some people on a bike path. He was already a green card holder and yes, he was already here. What I would say is, the short answer is no. The longer answer is we are seeing delays since we got the new administration in January. We are seeing delays across all petition types and although there’s no stated reason for this we can assume and what we see form the RFEs request or evidence we get is. There is more scrutiny but we aren’t seeing it directed towards any particular countries. Certainly not Bangladesh.

My short answer is no, I don’t think that’s going to cause any heightened awareness or heightened scrutiny. That’s a very good question and a common question because when we see these things happen, we often get that … There was a big shooting a while back in California. The person that came here on a K1 visa and we got a lot of questions then, is that gonna impact the K1 visa? And now in hindsight we can say it absolutely did not. And so obviously we don’t have insight into the internal working of these organizations that are gonna handle your case but our experience is no, it won’t have an impact.


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