William and Nelida

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comI would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Rapid Visa for helping us prepare all the documents & requirements to file a Fiancee Visa application for my fiancee in the Philippines. I filed the petition March 2014, got approved and forwarded to the Philippines and my Fiancee got interview letter saying she could have interview on May 1 2014 ….I wanted to be with her at her interview so we waited until Set 5 so I could be with her and thanks GOD visa approved Sept 5 & released we received all the Visas with all the documents on Sept 10 2014 in Palawan Philippines…three Visas in all for two of her children got their also….We honeymoon in the Philippines and came on to Kentucky on Oct 7 2014….My beautiful wife and her two girls love it here….Now Rapid Visa is viewing our AOS and after viewing them they will sent on to USICS ..We took the whole package so they could look and fix all the documents correct and sent on to USCIS for us..

NOTE: It`s best take your new wife/children to see the civil Surgeon and get your seal packet from them before sending your documents on the AOS for if you don`t you`ll have to do it before you get a Green card bet do it now then later…..Just log on to USCIS and see the Civil Surgeon close to you…After we get AOS done we are going to get them to do Remove condition in two years from now Like to say thanks to Rapid Visa

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