Warren and Sezaline

22 Aug 2014

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comfirst of all thank you for all the help..

I been asking for two agencies but its really expensive, and my husband was finding the other way to make sure that we spend money in the exact agency and finally he found your site and he said hon this is it. im sure this site is good for us they gonna help for all the requirements for USCIS..and we did all the consultant say for what to do next..and finally we wait for all the processing. After 2 to 3 weeks my husband recieve messege that came from USCIS that they receive the packet..and after that we wait another months,just only 3months we receive messege again from USCIS that finally my packet was approved..and we ask again to rapidvisa of what to do next…and its really fast. to all wants there visa perfect and worth get the rapidvisa . other day for my interview to USCIS but first i drop by to Rapidvisa office to get my all requirements next to my interview and all the staff there was really friendly like juliet she’s the one prepare my form to make it perfect thank you juliet for the help..she said its gonna be easy just be prepared for there question to you.in November 19.,,i was feel nervous in those days..hopefully i approved . i wait for 5 days finally on saturday nov.24 i receive my visa..and go back again on monday to seminar ..just only one day and finally my flight is dec.1 .my whole process its only 4months.and we just married jan 22, 2013 and now getting my AOS ..thank you rapid visa..for all the staff who help us to get this far chona,ben,weng,dominic,weng, dan, jenn,,,thank you for tha active suffort .sorry just only now testimony for you guys.

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