Terrell and Gloria

Hi to RapidVisa (RV) Staffs, thank you for making the “getting and being together” process easier, faster cheaper. We are grateful for all your wonderful acts of bringing in- love people together. Our journey with you is truly amazing. We are sharing our story with the hope that those who will read it will get inspired and spread your company.

It was my Gloria who first came to know of your site when I requested her to do an online research on the processing of visas and how could she be with me in the U.S at the fastest time possible. When she found it, she got excited, called me and informed me of your site. Immediately, I called Las Vegas Office and I was impressed of how that male Customer Service Representative talked and managed to answer all my queries. I felt his sincerity of helping Filipino women as to their problems of securing visas. That time that I talked to him, I already booked my round-trip airfare flight to meet my her personally in the Philippines. We met online in a dating site. We fell in love with each other just by reading each other’s profile in which we were so much alike. Call it “gut,” I felt she held half of my heart. I even asked her if she wrote her profile after she has read mine. She just laughed. I didn’t know she was way ahead of me in that dating site.

We stayed together in Manila for 14 days of May 2016. She is exactly the same woman as she wrote in her profile. We had a lot in common. The love we felt online became more solid in person. On the 5th day of my stay, we went to RV Manila Office and we created an unpaid account and didn’t submit yet our documents as we were waiting for my divorce paper; and the finality of her annulment. The waiting period was hurting, but because we truly love each other, we were committed to wait. Its good there is Skype to connect with her twice a day. We exchanged emails. We made the best of everything every day as we talk with each other. She would tell me new testimonials of successful couples helped by RV. Those stories inspired us and gave us hope, inspiration and encouragement to hold on and wait for our day to come.

When all our documents were all ready and complete, she went to RV Manila to finalize the packet and sent to USCIS on April 4, 2017. We received the NOA1 April 10. The NOA2 was August 24. She took her Medical exam Sept 7-8 and the US Embassy interview was done September 14. Her Visa was approved just after her interview. Questions in the interview revolved around authenticity of our relationship. Her Visa was delivered September 21, 2017. After that, I went back to the Philippines and brought her to the U.S.

The whole process took us 5 months and 10 days. It was not as tedious, difficult or scary as we thought; everything went smooth, no RFE’s. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 provided all documents are ready and organized. The hardest was maintaining a positive attitude between NOA1 and NOA2. During that time waiting was hurting, we were speculating, worrying and doubting. Missing each other was heart-breaking. We just reassured we love each other every day. I always told her that line of a song, “Just remember I love you and everything will be all right.” We believe finding each other was a Divine Intervention. Thus, trust in God, trust in each other and trust with RapidVisa gave us the full strength to hold on together.

Again, we express our profound gratefulness to the RV staffs – Ms Irish, Mark, Tina, Johben, Jerald, Melanie, Weng and the rest of the team. We will soon work on the AOS. Thank you so much.

Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended as legal advice and is provided for general information only.Questions involving interpretation of specific U.S. laws should be addressed to an attorney and/or government officials.

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