Ron, Marj and Mariel

22 Aug 2014

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comTo the rapidvisa staff:

We would like to express our deepest thanks to all at rapidvisa for helping us in our journey to unite as a family. Before stumbling upon your website, we have no idea where or how to start our paper works on getting our visa. Fortunately, despite the thousands of visa websites, my husband Ron saw rapidvisa first. And though we are having second thoughts in using them because they sounded too good to be true (there fee is way cheaper than the rest visa agencies we’ve seen online) we talked about it and since we wanted to start the petition right away and rapidvisa sounded so honest, we did register and give it a go.. And since then, they kinda held our hands all they way to the finish. If it wasn’t for our own delay along the way, we could have finished our journey in less than six months. Nevertheless, we filed our petition in April of 2012 and December 6 of the same year, we had our schedule for the interview at US embassy Manila. Four days later, we got our visa package sent to Baguio. We can’t thank you enough :). Now, the three of us are together. You are so encouraging when we have doubts and very helpful when we have questions 24/7. Your fee is very much reasonable and doesn’t charge for kids, so even if the application is for two individuals (for me and our daughter), Ron only paid for me. Am not surprised if all your clients (us included) feel like you are friends.

Again, more power to your office and to each individual working at rapidvisa.


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