Richard and Michelle

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comFrom the first time we contacted Rapid Visa they were very helpful. They have us the complete list of documents we needed to apply for the fiance visa and they reviewed our documents and caught mistakes we made that would have cost a lot of time. When we completed the application,Rapid Visa submitted them to USCIS and they were accepted. When we were preparing for the interview and medical exam they were there to answer every question(and we had a lot of questions).

During the medical and interview my fiance stopped by the Rapid Visa office near the embassy and they were happy to answer her questions there and give needed directions. It’s a big help to have someone familiar with the area for information on banks,restaurants,hotels and questions about the visa. The medical was completed in one day (you have to get there early,they start lining up around 2am). The next day she went back to pick up the medical CD and medical records to take to the interview. A few weeks later going to interview,she said the interview was easy,just answer the questions honestly about your relationship and its approved.

She picked up her passport with her visa and got the stamp for the departure seminar and it was time to fly. It took about an hour to go through customs at JFK in New York. She arrived in November and we were married in December. What a great Christmas gift. I highly recommend Rapid Visa. A friend of mine tried to do his own fiance visa and it took almost 2years because he forgot some documents and it cost him time and money for his mistakes.Our visa took about 5months from approval to her arrival in the US. Rapid Visa fees are reasonable,i checked with an attorney and it would have cost 10 times the amount to have him process our visa. Thanks again to the staff at rapid visa,we will soon be using them for our adjustment of status.


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