Peter and Jiayin

China-Flag-64-RapidVisa.com我们从4月份开始办我的k1签证,rapidvisa的曾小姐一直很耐心解答我们的问题,解答的很清楚,我整个k1签证的过程很顺利,前两天已经签下来了拿到护照了,我和我的未婚夫都对rapidvisa很满意,谢谢你们。 (We filed our k1 visa in April of 2015. Fairy was always there to answer all our questions, and made sure everything is correct. The entire process is very fast and I have got my visa the other day. Everyone at RapidVisa was truly helpful and patient, we appreciate your excellent service. Thank you so much RapidVisa!)

五星的评价。(We rate your service 5 stars.)

我和未婚夫的合照:(Here is the picture I took together with my boyfriend:)

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