Patrick and Teresa

22 Aug 2014

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comRapidVisa took the worry out of filing complicated government paperwork by providing an analysis of what forms we needed to file, providing detailed instructions on how to correctly fill out each form, and also 24 hour support for any questions we had. Rapidvisa figuratively “held our hands” the whole time making the process simple and not as time consuming! I’m so glad I chose Rapidvisa to assist my fiance and I during this arduous time because the staff was top notch and the service provided was fantastic! We thank you, staff at Rapidvisa, for bringing us together sooner!


Disclaimer: The contents of this post were accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing. Immigration is constantly changing, and old information often becomes outdated, including procedures, timelines, prices, and more. Take note of the publish date. For archival purposes, these posts will remain published, even if new information renders them obsolete. Do not make important life decisions based on this content. No part of this post should be considered legal advice, as RapidVisa is not a law firm. This content is provided free of charge for informational purposes only. If anything herein conflicts with an official government website, the official government website shall prevail.

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