Mike and Dorcas

25 Aug 2014

Dominican-Republic-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comWe met each other in Azua, Dominican Republic; that was on February 17th, 2013 He was in a mission trip, evangelizing with a friend… They both were at my sister’s house as guests for two weeks. The second week my sister invited me to her house, to spend time with the family… that was on February 15th 2013, so on Saturday 16th 2013, I traveled to her house in Azua, from another city… that day I saw him at my sister’s house, but I did not showed interest in him…

Next day Sunday 17th, I was ready to go back to my city, and my sister invited to go to church and have lunch together… so while we were making lunch, he introduced himself and said a little nervous:

I am Mike. I was surprised… Not waiting for it… and just said: oh, I am Dorcas…

After that, I was busy cooking with my sister… later, while we were eating together his friend asked me:

Dorcas, Are you married?

No, I am divorced.

Are you praying for your husband?

I do not need a husband, I am okay (his friend ignored my answer and asked me again)

What kind of husband would you like to have?

… A rich one! (I said), (his friend was under control and asked me again)

What is it mean rich for you, Dorcas?

… I was thinking: oh my God, this man is insistent!

And then I said: a man who loves God, talks about his word, and plays the piano… does not have to be rich…

After that Mike said: Does not have to be rich, but if he has money is better… Jajajajaa…

And I am a musician, I can play the Conga and Guitar… (by the way, he does not, he is learning to play)… then we talked about different topics…

Finally, I traveled to my city. Next day my sister called, because Mike asked for my cellphone’s number… was funny we started to talk by phone and my English was so BAD… so we decided to text each other better… One day he said that he had a friend that was using Rapid Visa services and they could help him to bring me here and get marry… I said: MARRY!… I need to think about it… Well I did think… accept…

He started the process on July 2013, I came here on April 2014 and got married… We are so happy, going church, being part of the Worship team, living in Avila Beach… Visiting Sequoia… It is like a dream come true.

Now we are making the Adjustment Status process….

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