Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comRapidVisa has been a godsend for me and my fiance. The fiance visa process is complex, and I didn’t want to do it myself – but there was no way I could afford a lawyer. I wanted help that I could afford, and RapidVisa was there. The service has completely exceeded my expectations. There were specific instructions for every blank on every form – no questions and no worries as to whether I was filling things out correctly. The assembly instructions for the package were comprehensive and so simple. And any time I had any questions at all throughout the whole process, RapidVisa was there to help one on one, by email, chat, and on the phone. I was so happy with the K-1 process that I signed up for the AOS upgrade as soon as my fiance’s visa was approved. We’ve sent the AOS packet and are just as pleased with the process and support from Rapid Visa as we were when we filed the fiance packet. I feel that I got more attention and more help from RapidVisa than I would have gotten from a lawyer who would have charged me 10 times as much and cared a lot less about my progress! I strongly recommend RapidVisa – you don’t have to go through the process alone or pay through the nose for questionable service. With RapidVisa you pay an affordable fee for an outstanding service that makes a stressful and complicated process much less difficult. –

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