Luis and Merel

30 Oct 2016

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comEvery relationship has its own story. And I am going to share our short relationship timeline and how we’ve been through

* December 29, 2014- Luis’ liked my pictures and first exchange of messages????????

* January 22,2015- Started to fall inlove with his dorkiness ????

* February 2, 2015- He asked permission to be his girlfriend and been consistent of messaging and calling him

* October 7, 2015- He sent me a cute duck stuff toy and his promise ring. The promise that he’ll wait and be patient for our perfect time

* January 18, 2016- came to Philippines ???????? and spent our first day together????

* January 20, 2016- visited my family in Negros with him✈️

* January 22, 2016 – he asked me to marry him in front of my family and got their blessing

* January 26-28, 2016- visited my family in Davao and Gensan✈️

*January 29, 2016- went to Rapid Visa and ask their help for my Fiancé Visa

*January 31, 2016- he went back to United States ???????? and left me alone but with faith on him that we will surpass this long distance relationship ????

* February-June 2016- processing time of my papers

* July 28, 2016- passed my K1 Visa interview ????????

* August 31, 2016- arrived in the United States ???????? and met Luis’ family for the first time

* September 10, 2016- got my Social Security Number

* October 7, 2016- had our very simple Civil Wedding ???? ????Made a vow for the rest of our lives and borrowed his Last Name

Finally I am official Mrs. MEREL JUNE BESAÑES ALVAREZ! ☺️☺️☺️

I am very thankful for my family and to the people who been there for Us and still gonna be there no matter what happens. ????????????

And special thanks for the RAPID VISA staffs, to Ms. Cherry, Ms. Princess, Ms. Weng,Ms. Tina, Mr. Bernard, etc.. ( I can’t name all of you guys) but you know who you are.. You really helped us in our journey.

KUDOS and more power..

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