Kok Meng LEONG and PohBee LEONG

07 Oct 2014

Malaysia64-RapidVisaSubject: Permanent Residence(P.R.) Status/Green Card for KokMeng LEONG & PohBee LEONG

Personal Testomonial for: Mr.Dominic  .

Dear Mr.Rick  and Mr.Ben ,

Greetings from Minnesota!Both my wife and I would like to express our Thanks to Rapid Visa for a job well done. My wife and I, have successfully obtained our P.R. status earlier than expected. To be specific, I have received my Green Card and for my wife within six months as per official letter from USCIS/Homeland Security.

Thank You,Rapid Visa, all Staff, and special mention so to speak must be given to your dedicated personnel, Mr.Dominic !Time again when I called Rapid Visa and asked for Mr.Dominic, unless he is very busy, has no reservations at all picking up my/our calls. What I/we do appreciate much about Mr.Dominic is his knowledge at his finger tips in relation to immigration issues and especially in my particular case,both the I-130 & I-485 issues! Mr.Dominic handled my/our Case with dedication and professionalism, ensuring there would not be any delays nor rejection from USCIS/Homeland Security when came to submitting the necessary forms and documents.Delays are something to be avoided at all costs as these translate to getting the P.R.Status later than the anticipated time!

Dear Mr.Rick  & Mr.Ben , my wife and I had the faith in Mr.Dominic , fact that he was gracious to inform me that it’s the first time that Rapid Visa and especially he himself, undertaking my wife & I P.R. Status case. That means, the Petitioner(our eldest son) sponsoring the Beneficiary (my wife & I). Via Rapid Visa’s website, I am certainly aware of the Company’s experience in handling cases whereby the Beneficiary (U.S.citizens or, Green Card holders)is petitioning for the Spouse, who are from overseas!!

Once again, Thank You Rapid Visa; Thank You all Staff of the Company. And, for Mr. Dominic , what else could I say more….You have done an exemplary job task for both my wife and I.

I reckon, I do not need to say further in relation to your increment and/or promotion! You deserve the best.

Also, I recommend Rapid Visa’s services to others, without reservations. You might wish to speak to Mr.Dominic personally regarding your particular case/situation.

Very Best Regards,

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