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I want to let everyone know that using Rapidvisa.com is the best decision you will ever make. They are quick, reliable, trustworthy, freindly and very experienced! They are always there for you and do not delay in contacting you back quickly. My wife’s CR-1 visa took us 15 months to complete but that was because of USCIS backlogs and the poor way in which they put out their information. My wife is from Hermosillo, Mexico.

The initial application is the longest wait and then it goes quickly after that. I contacted RapidVisa several times and had gotten bad information from other sources but they got me back on track quickly.

The only thing I would recommend is maybe an information page for people to share thier experience when they went to their visa appointment.
Mine was a real headache and I had so much bad information from their website. I have alot to share and we weren’t the only ones with these problems.

But I could always rely on Rapid Visa to give me accurate information. My wife and I are so happy now and we highly recommend this website.


Shared information – 

When you arrive for your Visa appointment make sure you have Medical completed and results in hand and also fingerprints completed and in hand. You have to do your medical exam there in Juarez. Don’t get it before because it will not be accepted. You can not enter for your appointment without this! We had to payout $100 more for fingerprints and to set appointments by local office.

Make sure before you leave for your appointment that your Affadavit of  support is current. Ours was outdated and I had to reprint at Juarez. Apparently a new one came out before our appointment.

Medical cost us $400 because they make you get all your vaccinations again regardless if you already have them. Don’t get them prior to your appointment. Its a waste of time and money.

Take extra money with you. We paid out about $600 to $700 more then we expected and get there at least one business day early.  Ask at your Hotel for local information about your visa appointment. Our hotel knew (what had to be completed first)  alot and they were very helpful.  In Juarez, Mexico stay at the Ibis Hotel.(Find online).

It’s almost connected to the medical exam building and it’s right across the street from Conulate building, food, transportation. Everything except  DHL is there.

Your visa packet will be sent via DHL. We had it sent there in Juarez and you’ll get it in 1 business day. Maybe even that afternoon.

Immigrants – Know your spouses and family information! Alot of people were denied because they forgot the name of there father-in-law  or mother-in-law.

Know as much as you can and be ready. Don’t answer unless you are sure of the question. Hesitation or correcting your answer will make you look suspicious and they will question you more. You will not go to an office, you will go to a window for your interview. Don’t carry anything more
than you have to due to security. Only immigrant is allowed at interview. The others will wait outside. Wait outside close by in case your spouse/fiancee needs something from you. Alot of people were  holding purses for women. Internet, copy places, passport photos, etc were all right there.

Medical opens at 6 am and you get results at 1 pm. Fingerprint appointments need to be made ahead of time.  Hotel may be able to get you contact information.


Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended as legal advice and is provided for general information only.Questions involving interpretation of specific U.S. laws should be addressed to an attorney and/or government officials.

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